Free VOIP Call to Facebook Friends: How To?

FaceBook is one of the most ‘stunning’ online social networking site of our days, millions of global people stays here for hours, like a Honey-Bee sticks on the scented flowers and suck it to make the Honey : )

Blue colored social Facebook (Facebook is blue in its basic colors structure as it is said to be that its creator Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind and can see blue as a 'good' color) is born to make friends, to connect with them, and if you could connect them with voice or video call chat than it could be so cool and it is much cooler if this all is free,

Well, there are various ways to make an unlimited free audio / video calls using Facebook, to your Facebook friends and contacts:

1. Facebook free Audio Call (VOIP): LikiWi

Using Likiwi you can call your Facebook friends for free by just watching Ads to get able to place a phone call to a landline or mobile phones,

2. Facebook free Audio / video call (VOIP) :

Skype the King of VOIP has an arrangement with Facebook guys and Skype shows FACEBOOK feeds on the Skype interface tab for free from there you may call other global FACEBOOK-SKYPERS for free (audio / video) and if you wanna call their real phone numbers than you may call with cheap rates from Skype to landline or mobile anywhere : )

3. Facebook free Audio / video call (VOIP): vChatter

With this VOIP call service you can certainly make a video / audio call conference to your Facebook friends and contacts, try and be happy : )

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We also have a video which present Likiwi : call for free !

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