Free Text Messaging: Connect Smart Mobiles WorldWide is kicking free text messaging worldwide in-between smart phones and supports cross-platform free international texting over Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Android (Droid) based mobile devices and phones,

Kik blends the trio into one, viz.: Apple iGadgets, RIM BlackBerry and Android : )

You are doing free international mobile VOIP calls and now want free abroad Texting from cell phones ...

The mobile app is free to download on your smart mobiles like iPhone, Blackberry, Android or so and international texting too is absolutely free, send free SMS (short messaging service) from iPhone to Blackberry or Android or vice versa, not limited only to iPhone to iPhone or Blackberry to Blackberry or Android to Android, its a free overseas messaging app, which is real time and supports cross-platform mobile devices : )

Free text messages are sent in the real time to the real world, and even you can watch when your message was being received : )

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