Free Global VOIP Phone System (PBX) for SMBs: Sonetel

Swedish Sonetel gives away the free and global VOIP phone system (PBX) to small and medium sized companies (SMB) all over the world, the SMBs can use Sonetel VOIP system to connect with any phone firm of their choice, worldwide,

Sonetel which is a Cloud based Unified Communications (UC) service provider, it provides for DID numbers, hosted PBX, internet telephony, network service, VOIP Termination ISP etc.,

In brief Sonetel is primarily a VOIP service over the net and is a free service, its international in nature and permits us to connect with any phone company in the world, with Sonetel you can place free on-net voice call to anyone worldwide, anywhere, get phone numbers from 50+ countries and start making calls to worldwide mobile or landline phones,

The calls (all) via Sonetel phone system are free to make, and also they provide for free calls to & from SIP based soft or hard phone service providers, more freebies from them includes free chat, free call recording & presence.

Sweden based Sonetel has its development centres in India, the data centers in the US, California and in Europe: Amsterdam too,

They also has the fax to email service,


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