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Tata Docomo (from TTSL) become the first private (non-governmental) telecom operator in India to roll out its 3G life / 3.5G cellular services in India and is giving away 100% free 3G services till midnight of 11th Nov. 2010 (IST) to test drive the speed of its super fast, sky rocket 3G (3.5 G) data network and will disclose the rates and plans after Nov 12, 2010,

Details of Tata Docomo 3G Life FREE trial ;

or dial toll free phone number 1800-266-0000 from your Tata DOCOMO SIM to know more about Tata-DoCoMo 3G ....

... So the India finally is all set to get rid of the old 2G mobile technology : )

DOCOMO (NTT) is Japanese wing of Tata India and is pioneer to launch the very first 3G commercial network in the world for the first time in Japan : )

Tata Docomo has rolled out its 3G presence in 9 telecom circles and later Bharati Airtel, Vodafone-Hutch, Idea, Aircel etc too are coming in the lucrative 3G fray!

3G would change the life, its speed, usage and you would be a digital geek, no doubt, its more than wireless broadband on the go, you can do things like:

-Real Time live streaming video call conference,

-Tele-Medicine / live tele-conferencing,


-Free WIFI TO WIFI unlimited VOIP calls and video calls like from Skype, Fring etc,

-HD games,

-Streaming & downloading Videos,

-Sharing Photos & Videos,

-Instant email & attachment downloads,

-Rocket speed mobile social networking,

-Faxing etc,

-Tele Health

-Disaster Relief,

Live Weather forecasting,


Upload videos to YouTube etc,

HD Video / audio local or international call conferencing ...

Enjoy the (100 MB free data; free to use in this trial run, after 100 MB your 2G data rates will apply, including packs ) free 3G data services from Tata Docomo on thier 2G (which is already 3G ready) SIM 100% free till midnight of 11th Nov. 2010 (IST) ...

By the way I am right now using Tata Docomo 3G service for blogging and very impressed by its super speed, thank God I am able to get rid of BSNL (speed is good but signal is always absent) now : )


Manjunath said...

have you tried using voip application from docomo? if so please let me know..

Anonymous said...

Please dont blieve it i checked there is no free inter net service is available till november 11th

Anonymous said...

For new customers
1. The steps at doesn't work i.e sms'ing '3GLife' to 53333
2. Even this doesn't work... sms 'act3G' to 53333 as suggested by a customer care guy yesterday. we get a sms from Dive-Voice..with ####4 etc
3. Today another customer care executive suggested using 'FRC 3G' from a retailer. But none are aware and even the dealer helpline is not aware on how to activate 3G
4. Although internet is working and am getting charged for it

kartikshradha said...

@Manjunath Bro as you know Tata Docomo 3G is very new right now but yeah it works wonder for VOIP too like I did tried it for Skype VOIP calls and also for Apple FaceTime video calls, they works : )

@anonymous This is not correct, I am not making statement in the air, right now I am using Tata Docomo 2G SIM and using its HSDPA / UMTS 3G data speed for this blogging, its super fast, its free till 11th Nov night, as I had not even opted for 3G option, just putted my 2G SIM in 3G enabled USB device and it works,

You have to check whether Tata DOCOMO 3G is available or not in your aree / circle, if its there, it would work, believe me I am not the agent of Tata DoCoMo : )

for any specific query you may email me: [email protected]

More details of free trial 3G:

Roman said...

I already know they also posted on facebook page. Itz free till 11 th nov nnnnn Which phone u use for 3g? And u use facebooK?

kartikshradha said...

yeah I use face FaceBook and Twitter too : ) and using Tata DoCoMo 3G on my 3G ready USB wireless modem device to use it as a broadband for my net surfing, its marvelous in speed and connectivity ... completely seamless and troublefree,

Ira said...

I am using to make free calls to all my friends. its absolutely awesome and simple to use. best part is its top quality sound clarity. try it for free on iOS or Android devices.

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