@FaceBook.Com Message System = E-Mail + Text + IM (Chat)

Online virtual social network the FACEBOOK has kicked its latest technological messaging system, which is not only the email @facebook.com but this innovative Facebook messaging centre will include all: email, instant messaging (IM or chat) and SMS or texting from a Facebook friend to another,

The popular online social network Facebook’s new messaging app will do not have a subject field, … all messages in-between the two Facebook friends would be threaded into one and single long and running conversation, it’s a bit different from an email, it’s a new messaging system and for the first time had hitted the virtual world!

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, of Facebook, thinks that it’s not an email killer as email still holds its relevance in the virtual world,

This is just a new beginning in the communication era where there online social groups on the go blends with latest communication devices and techniques …


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