FaceBook Friends Free VOIP Video Chat: VChatter

Connect your virtual world’s FACEBOOK social network friends on live, real time, FREE, VOIP, video chat via ... vChatter,

Feel, watch, talk or play online with your family and friends using video call conferencing for free like you do it on Skype to Skype for free on worldwide video calls!

vChatter is one of the biggest provider for online video chat app / service on Facebook and has 2 Million+ global users with 25 Million+ calls established, distance do not matters here and life is more than fun and joy with family safe live streaming VOIP video calls,

Approx. six million+ video calls already have been placed via vChatter with an average time of 5+ minutes,

Any Facebook user and a registered member can invite his Facebook friend to login to place a video / or text, face to face live chat, or may be he can choose rather to chat with a complete Facebook registered stranger or a random fellow Facebook member …. And can make new Facebook friends : )

vChatter online video calls conference service has also to offer personal URLs for a private video chat rooms, so anybody can embed their own vChatter widget on his weblog, on the email, webpage etc and his readers may than call him face to face in a video on a live video chat,

In a way vChatter is something similar to video chat service: Chat roulette, and vChatter ques up people for a random video family safe chats online, as they are strongly tied to Facebook social friendship network!

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