Diwali Contest: Win Skype - VOIP Free Call

Happy Diwali (festival of Hindus for crackers and light in India),

... if you want to make one free Skype call for max. up to 30 minutes to any landline anywhere in the world, anytime, any day from your Skype account (time depends on Skype rates to the country you will call), enter in our Skype free Diwali call (VOIP) contest,

Contest is open to all in the world and you could redeem the free Skype voucher by March 31, 2011 by which you can make a one call from Skype to landline anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world for free!

What you have to do is:

1. Blog on your website / blog about VOIP blog (like why you like or so): telephoon.blogspot.com preferably 300 words or so,

2. FaceBook or Twitter for telephoon.blogspot.com

3. Only ONE winner would be chosen from the guys who will do the above two things (both) and send us the link by email at [email protected]

4. The winner would be the first to send us a mail after doing both above conditions, we will send the Free Skype voucher code by the return mail to the winner,

Happy Deepawali and Skype free VOIP calling : )

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