BlackBerry Free VOIP Calls: IM Plus Talk

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP or IP calls or broadband calls or Internet calling or Web calling provide us for an unlimited free to cheap local, long distance, abroad phone calls,

If you use RIM-Blackberry and wish to have VOIP over it to talk unlimited free or cheap voice calls than there are few apps which could give you free or cheap overseas calling over Blackberry mobile phone,

Blackberry app world has IM Plus Talk app (costs USD 29.99) to make free VOIP calls over your RIM Blackberry cell phone,

With IM plus VOIP app you can make free Skype to Skype worldwide free calls over 3G, GSM or CDMA, no WIFI is needed,

There are more VOIP apps for the RIM Blackberry mobile phones, like Vonage, Truphone, MO-Calls, Tring Me, VOPIUM, Raketu, Agito, EQO, Fgmicrotec, Voxofon, the complete details goes here,

You also can use Google Voice: free unlimited Google's calling in US / Canada over Blackberry ...

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