Acer Android Tablet Slate PC & VOIP Web Online Meetings

Acer unveiled it's range of Android based and Windows based tablet slate PC's and also latest dual touch screen ICONIA laptop (Windows 7 based, Intel Core I5 processor), also with media sharing center, and a digital programme called as ALIVE,

More and more tablets Windows, Android etc based slate PCs are coming each and every day now and every tech company seems to target its competition with Apple's iPad slate tablet PC, which is clearly emerging a leader in the tablet PC race!

... Why everybody compares any tablet PC only with Apple iPad is the question : )

Anyways, do you want to run VOIP software on Acer Android based tablet (slate) PC? Than try your hands with Fuzemeeting and mark your presence in the world of VOIP web online meetings or IP conference calls ...

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Sopie said...

It would be really nice if you posted some pictures to see the gadget.

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