Airtel Symbol Name Contest: Win Your Dreams & Fame

Airtel telecom has acquired a new logo / symbol / monogram recently and is going to launch 3G in India very soon,

Airtel has a fascinating contest:'The Name Game", you just have to give a name to the new Airtel logo and may win your dreams and fame with Airtel : )

Good chance to imagine & win the world of fantasy with name : )

Do you still think like Shakespeare: what's in a name? That which we call a rose ... !?

Free Global VOIP Phone System (PBX) for SMBs: Sonetel

Swedish Sonetel gives away the free and global VOIP phone system (PBX) to small and medium sized companies (SMB) all over the world, the SMBs can use Sonetel VOIP system to connect with any phone firm of their choice, worldwide,

Sonetel which is a Cloud based Unified Communications (UC) service provider, it provides for DID numbers, hosted PBX, internet telephony, network service, VOIP Termination ISP etc.,

In brief Sonetel is primarily a VOIP service over the net and is a free service, its international in nature and permits us to connect with any phone company in the world, with Sonetel you can place free on-net voice call to anyone worldwide, anywhere, get phone numbers from 50+ countries and start making calls to worldwide mobile or landline phones,

The calls (all) via Sonetel phone system are free to make, and also they provide for free calls to & from SIP based soft or hard phone service providers, more freebies from them includes free chat, free call recording & presence.

Sweden based Sonetel has its development centres in India, the data centers in the US, California and in Europe: Amsterdam too,

They also has the fax to email service,


Free VOIP Call to Facebook Friends: How To?

FaceBook is one of the most ‘stunning’ online social networking site of our days, millions of global people stays here for hours, like a Honey-Bee sticks on the scented flowers and suck it to make the Honey : )

Blue colored social Facebook (Facebook is blue in its basic colors structure as it is said to be that its creator Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind and can see blue as a 'good' color) is born to make friends, to connect with them, and if you could connect them with voice or video call chat than it could be so cool and it is much cooler if this all is free,

Well, there are various ways to make an unlimited free audio / video calls using Facebook, to your Facebook friends and contacts:

1. Facebook free Audio Call (VOIP): LikiWi

Using Likiwi you can call your Facebook friends for free by just watching Ads to get able to place a phone call to a landline or mobile phones,

2. Facebook free Audio / video call (VOIP) :

Skype the King of VOIP has an arrangement with Facebook guys and Skype shows FACEBOOK feeds on the Skype interface tab for free from there you may call other global FACEBOOK-SKYPERS for free (audio / video) and if you wanna call their real phone numbers than you may call with cheap rates from Skype to landline or mobile anywhere : )

3. Facebook free Audio / video call (VOIP): vChatter

With this VOIP call service you can certainly make a video / audio call conference to your Facebook friends and contacts, try and be happy : )

FaceBook Friends Free VOIP Video Chat: VChatter

Connect your virtual world’s FACEBOOK social network friends on live, real time, FREE, VOIP, video chat via ... vChatter,

Feel, watch, talk or play online with your family and friends using video call conferencing for free like you do it on Skype to Skype for free on worldwide video calls!

vChatter is one of the biggest provider for online video chat app / service on Facebook and has 2 Million+ global users with 25 Million+ calls established, distance do not matters here and life is more than fun and joy with family safe live streaming VOIP video calls,

Approx. six million+ video calls already have been placed via vChatter with an average time of 5+ minutes,

Any Facebook user and a registered member can invite his Facebook friend to login to place a video / or text, face to face live chat, or may be he can choose rather to chat with a complete Facebook registered stranger or a random fellow Facebook member …. And can make new Facebook friends : )

vChatter online video calls conference service has also to offer personal URLs for a private video chat rooms, so anybody can embed their own vChatter widget on his weblog, on the email, webpage etc and his readers may than call him face to face in a video on a live video chat,

In a way vChatter is something similar to video chat service: Chat roulette, and vChatter ques up people for a random video family safe chats online, as they are strongly tied to Facebook social friendship network!

Find If Your Flight has WIFI-on-Board?

American airlines has in-flight GOGO WIFI broadband internet to surf on-board while travelling in an airplane in continental USA,

WIFI aircraft internet connection is available on all the Boeing 767-200 aircrafts and also on few select MD80 / 737 aircraft,

To check with this WIFI finder widget the WIFI availability in your flight (within 24 hours of departure) you have just to enter the flight number / departure city / airport code, and yes it works,

Where the itinerary includes connecting flights in a row, than check WIFI enabled flights: flight-by-flight …

Free App to Find Missing iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Apple iTunes Store has some remarkable and wonderful free apps, and this free app (Find my iPhone app) is by Apple Inc itself to find, trace, locate a lost, missing or stolen iPhone, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on the map in real-time via GPS …

Just download the free app to find lost iDevices (any iOS device) on your iPad, iPhone or 4th generation iPod Touch (iOS 4.2), or any Ios device in case it got misplaced you can track, locate and found it very easily, and on the go, you can use it with mobile-me subscription too,

This free Apple is so nice that using this even you can lock, set a pass-lock or remotely wipe  or delete your Apple devices remotely & via wireless from a distance so nobody could ploy with your private data, residing in you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch etc,

The Apple iPhone 4, iPad, and 4th generation iPod touch owners are allowed to use this useful free app: Find My iPhone, absolutely for free along with their Apple ID (iOS 4.2 needed) … this free apple app supports 30 additional languages worldwide,


iPhone CallBack VOIP for No WIFI Zones & Weak 3G Connectivity, VOIP Call over GPRS / EDGE

MO-Call 3G (by Morodo) VOIP has its app for Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad and you can make a low cost VOIP call with MO Call app over Apple iPhone 4 even in the places where there is no WIFI zone or the 3G connectivity is too low,

MO Call app provides for call-back function, this callback function permits you to set up a phone call between any two phone numbers anywhere,

Just let them know where you want to make your voice call from and to whom you wish to make a call, MO-Call will call you back and will connect you with your desired call receiver,’

Thus you can make iPhone VOIP cheap calls over GPRS / EDGE or low speed internet connection easily with MO-Call 3G VOIP app for iPhone …

Free Public WIFI (Wireless) Hotspot could be Fake and Steal Your Data on th Go

Hey! do you use or prefer a public WIFI wireless hotspot on go to MAKE VOIP Calls like Skype, WIFI-Only video calls FACETIME from Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th gen., surf the web or ploy your cell phone, than be on alert, Facebook advises that every free WIFI network is NOT safe to use as this could lead to steal your private and important data and phone numbers on the go,

You may use MIFI router device to create your personal secured WIFI hotspot,

... But every free WIFI hotspot is not a thief, so try to use only a reliable and a free WIFI hotspot over your smart cell phone or tablet PC or laptop if and when you need one!

Acer Android Tablet Slate PC & VOIP Web Online Meetings

Acer unveiled it's range of Android based and Windows based tablet slate PC's and also latest dual touch screen ICONIA laptop (Windows 7 based, Intel Core I5 processor), also with media sharing center, and a digital programme called as ALIVE,

More and more tablets Windows, Android etc based slate PCs are coming each and every day now and every tech company seems to target its competition with Apple's iPad slate tablet PC, which is clearly emerging a leader in the tablet PC race!

... Why everybody compares any tablet PC only with Apple iPad is the question : )

Anyways, do you want to run VOIP software on Acer Android based tablet (slate) PC? Than try your hands with Fuzemeeting and mark your presence in the world of VOIP web online meetings or IP conference calls ...

Free Calls on Christmas-New Year Holidays

The holidays are here and Christmas, New Year, parties, travel and gifting too,

You can make free call / mobile video calls to the world and can refresh your enthusiasm by talking your Mom, Dad, Kids, friends or so,

There are many ways to make an unlimited or limited free phone calls like:

Skype to Skype unlimited local, long distance or overseas free VOIP CALLS,

Evaphone free advert based short international calls,

10 minutes free long distance local or abroad calls with (its phone to phone) within USA or from USA only,

Do you need more of the free calls? Enjoy - Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!

On Thanksgiving Turkey, make free calls to US

MO-CALL (VOIP provider) is giving away free phone calls to United States of America starting this Thanksgiving day for a week,

The new and existing users of MO-CALL can take an advantage of this give away free promo offer as long as they have a positive balance in their MO-Call account,

Happy Thanksgiving day, say it with flowers and sweet, delicious heartful Chocolates ...


Why a Turkey is associated with Thanksgiving? Do you know?

Shop Apple iGadgets this Black Friday, after Thanks giving day!

Gift Chocolate on Christmas & Holidays: Forbes Favourites

Holidays are here and that’s Christmas and New Year too, lots of fun frolic and happiness is in the air,

Everybody loves crunchy-munchy chocolates : ) you and yours too, buy and gift from FORBE'S favourite online chocolatier since 2005, made in France, ZChocolate online this holidays, for you and yours, they ship worldwide via DHL and Fedex,

The yummy z-chocolates are hand-made by Pascal Caffét, give it a try and if they are really delicious to you do not forget to paint a smile for the world and the world would go smile with you : )

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!


Nokia-FaceBook App for Christmas Gifting ...

UAE: How to Make IP Calls via Mobile from VOIP Blocked Nations like Gulf, North Africa and Middle East

MENA countries are Middle East and North African nations, and many of them blocks VOIP voice phone calling like from UAE / Gulf etc, even Skype VOIP and Apple's popular videophone over iPhone 4 FACETIME is blocked from such nations,

Than how to make cheap unlimited VOIP calls using mobile phone from MENA countries?

MIGLU.COM can perhaps overcome this situation and could by-pass the ISPs locally and permits you to make a cheap international VOIP call using mobile phone from UAE / Gulf, MENA countries or from where, there is a restriction over VOIP calling ...

Miglu VOIP call connect, check this YouTube video!

India to US / Canada: Free Phone Calls via GMail

Call unlimited for free to US / Canada from India using your Gmail account till the end of the year 2010, also you can make cheap overseas international calls using your Gmail email account,

Read full details to place free calls from Gmail to phones ...


Login Two Skype accounts: Same PC, At-a-Time: How To?

May be you have more than one Skype (VOIP) accounts, one personal for family & friends, other for business relations, and may be many more for various causes,

Did you thought anytime that may be it could be possible for you to login 2 (or multiple) Skype accounts on one and same PC at-a-time simultaneously and could handle your Skype contacts accordingly as per your preference like one Skype calling with friends, family, social online guys and other Skype login for biz contacts only and both Skype VOIP accounts do not have absolutely any clash in-them! And you never miss any Skype calls …

Fine print:

Well, it is possible, but perhaps would not work on new Skype VOIP calls software versions, so please check, before you go : ) and the lesson says that it works on Windows XP : ( sounds Greek or Roman or a bit techy?! huh ...

LookTel Mobile App Lets Blind 'View' Objects

A Windows mobile phone (compatible) app from LookTel lets the blind person 'view' the things 'virtually' (it audibly announces the things), it has an advanced "artificial vision" software which creates the electronic assistant for the guys who are either visually impaired or blind,

Looktel blind Windows mobile app audibly announces about the things or the landmarks, scan them than recognizes the things or objects like goods, money, DVDs, medicines, etc,

It works a bit like Google Goggles VISUAL transition tool, which is rather a visual search engine / mobile software from Google ... and let us know the details of the place or object as mobile phone camera shoots it.

Nokia Battery Drain Monitor App: Ovi Store

If you use a Nokia mobile than its easy to monitor the battery drain / usage level to avoid any sudden battery discharge when you need it most : )

There is an app in the Ovi store to be downloaded on Nokia mobiles that would indicate you your cell phone battery strength in advance,

The Nokia battery usage / drain app is prepared by Finnish mobile giant the Nokia and VTT Technical Research Centre, its free to download and use and currently supports Nokia S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices such as Nokia N8,

Remember, the energy saved is energy earned ...

Save Your Skype VOIP account: An Ongoing Scam

I just received an unsolicited email and clicked the hyperlink, God saved me, it was a phishing email in the name of Skype which says to save your Skype account after login their page, I cant' say what is their motto to hijack Skype accounts, but be on alert and do not click on the hyperlink if you too receive this phishing Skype mail,

Please spread these words via this post, to save the worldwide Skype VoIP accounts of your near and dear ones, email, Blog, FaceBook or Twitter this post urgently,

Here goes the post I did received:

Sent from email ID:


Due to congestion in the Skype server,there will be removal of
thousands of Skype accounts.You will have to confirm that your Skype
account is active by clicking on this link:

and signing in to your account.Failure to confirm your account before the end of this
month,will result in a permanent closure of your Skype account.

If you click on the above link and it doesn't direct you to a skype
login page,reply to this email urgently and request for a new link

Warning!: Skype accounts not confirmed before the end of this month
will be permanently blocked.

Thank you for using Skype!



Take care, have a Good Time : )

White Apple iPhone 4 Geek Genius Creator ...

Officially the Apple Inc. has not launched yet the white iPhone 4 in the markets till date, which is in very high demand,

But a teenager geek genius boy who is cool 17 year old, Fei Lam managed to order white iPhone 4 parts / accessories from Taiwan's Apple supplier, and managed to sold the white iPhone 4 conversion kits for $279 on his newly created web site for this purpose:

Highlighted now by online media, his white iPhone 4 website is zooming with booming web traffic!

He also reveals the white iPhone 4 owners stats like how many owners owe a white iPhone 4 : )

Interestingly this teen in very short time become a millionaire with six figures income : ) by selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits,

We can't say if it could trouble him a bit with Apple Inc. ?!


How to get a WHITE Apple iPhone 4 legally?

Google Online Guide to Browsers & Web

Google, the online search God will teach now how to use web virtual world and what are the web browsers, Google had published an online book ... 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web (e-book) which guides how to about Internet. ...

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee's proposal for world wide web (WWW), Google has launched this web learning online interactive initiative,

Google's E book explains various we glossaries like HTML, BROWSERS, WEB, MALWARE, TCP/IP it worth to read for a beginner as well as an online Guru, as we know Google is the best Web Master in the world till date and website owners always seek its Google bots to crawl their web which is like the blessings from Google for anyone : )

US Air Force: No to Geo-Location Cell GPS Apps

No to Cell Phone Social Networking on the Go!

The US Air Force had issued a warning to its airmen to avoid careless use of mobile geo-location GPS navigational social networking apps or services on the go, as they could reveal their strategic position to the enemy and could pose a serious threat to all of the unit on the go,

The GPS positioning apps which could be used on a cell phone, Blackberry etc like: FaceBook Places, Gowalla, FourSquare, Loopt reveals the status or location in real time and is used to ploy the social networking on the go via mobile and internet / WIFI / 3G ...

Spread the word if you are concerned ...

iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android VOIP Web Conference Software

San Francisco company the FuzeBox, which was earlier known as Callwave, has its Fuze VOIP web conference solution / online web meeting for Apple iPhone, iPad, RIM-Blackberry and also now for the Google's Android Tablets,

You can initiate an online web VOIP call conference live with your remote team, can collaborate them, can join that web meeting using a phone in real time, take part in the on-going web meeting using Apple iPhone, RIM-Blackberry mobile etc in high resolution, also can use VOIP web meeting using Mac / PC / laptop / net book too, trial is free ...

Geo-location, Mobile, GPS: Travel Disneyland with Gowalla

Entertainment offline world the Walt Disney World and Disneyland has now GPS location based mobile tracking and you can explore the Disney theme parks with Gowalla (stamp your passport wherever you visit) on cell phone,

Disney is partnering with location based mobile service Gowalla — and not with the Facebook Places or Foursquare etc, which are other location based mobile services,

Gowalla for Apple iPad

BlackBerry Free VOIP Calls: IM Plus Talk

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP or IP calls or broadband calls or Internet calling or Web calling provide us for an unlimited free to cheap local, long distance, abroad phone calls,

If you use RIM-Blackberry and wish to have VOIP over it to talk unlimited free or cheap voice calls than there are few apps which could give you free or cheap overseas calling over Blackberry mobile phone,

Blackberry app world has IM Plus Talk app (costs USD 29.99) to make free VOIP calls over your RIM Blackberry cell phone,

With IM plus VOIP app you can make free Skype to Skype worldwide free calls over 3G, GSM or CDMA, no WIFI is needed,

There are more VOIP apps for the RIM Blackberry mobile phones, like Vonage, Truphone, MO-Calls, Tring Me, VOPIUM, Raketu, Agito, EQO, Fgmicrotec, Voxofon, the complete details goes here,

You also can use Google Voice: free unlimited Google's calling in US / Canada over Blackberry ...

RIM Blackberry PlayBook v/s. iPad: Browser Speed Comparison (Which is better?)

Research in Motion (RIM) unveiled its latest professional-grade tablet laptop PC device: Blackberry PlayBook (earlier it was rumored as: BlackPad) (which has real time-live HD video call conferencing facility too), in a video posted on their official YouTube channel, RIM had compared the browsing speed of Blackberry Play-Book slate with Apple iPad tablet PC,

Current Blackberry PlayBook would be WIFI only (will come to the markets by earlier 2011) but later it’s 3G, 4G versions too will hit the market!

There is a strong belief that Blackberry PlayBook would give strong challenge to Apple iPad (runs on iOS 3.2.2) which is the unmatched King of Tablet PCs in market till date and is in heavy demand, worldwide!

RIM claims that its latest gadget the Blackberry PlayBook has a better and faster browser (QNX technology and multitasking) in comparison to Apple's iPad Tablet device, decide / watch this video where there is a 'war' in-between the two tablets is going on, the video also demos that PlayBook tablet PC also has Adobe Flash support and also compares HTML5, Adobe Mobile AIR performance,

Blackberry (crack berry) Playbook’s web browser is also ahead in the Acid3 test (web standard compatibility test), and also is ahead in its page rendering speed,

While comparing both tablet PCs please be in mind that this video is filmed by RIM and not by Apple Inc.

We would also look forward how VOIP or Fring works over Blackberry Playbook laptop tablet …

T-Mobile: Free Live TV on the Go

T-mobile has a free live streaming TV (and on-demand content from ABC News Now, PBS Kids, Comedy Time etc.) for your mobile phone (select handsets and also on T-Mobile myTouch 4G Android device; ... Samsung Vibrant (4" AMOLED screen, Kindle for Android, access to GOGO, In-flight internet and slacker radio)phone etc., many more smart mobiles and devices are coming like: HTC HD7 Windows Phone etc.), to watch your live news, sport channels, entertainment TV soap operas, on demand / programmes on the go, free channels like free channels like PBS Kids, Azteca America etc …powered by MobiTV AMP,

T-Mobile television on cell phones also could subscribe to en Español (there are more than 15 channels of the popular Spanish-language content) also Crackle Movies ...

Kate Middleton-Prince William: Long-Distance IP Video Calls (Mobile)?

Do celebrities too use Fring mobile VoIP video mobile calls?

The Israel based smart phone VOIP call and video call on the go, solution provider Fring has an interesting rumor on their blog about, that did Royal couple: Kate Middleton & Prince William blossomed / dated their long distance romance going on with Fring smart mobile video calls?

Rumors are rumors but Fring free mobile video call conferencing (VOIP) works 'peachy' in-between Buckle bury and in Afghanistan : )

Fring provides mobile social networking solution on the go and also provides free to cheap overseas or local video / audio calls on the go on WIFI and 3G both, just get it on your smart mobile and make free IP unlimited calls anywhere, but Fring should be there on both the ends, cell phones on which you wanna chat for free : )

Also Fring provides 2-way unlimited video calling over Apple iPhone and supports, Symbian, Android, Nokia, Windows etc mobile platforms ...

@FaceBook.Com Message System = E-Mail + Text + IM (Chat)

Online virtual social network the FACEBOOK has kicked its latest technological messaging system, which is not only the email but this innovative Facebook messaging centre will include all: email, instant messaging (IM or chat) and SMS or texting from a Facebook friend to another,

The popular online social network Facebook’s new messaging app will do not have a subject field, … all messages in-between the two Facebook friends would be threaded into one and single long and running conversation, it’s a bit different from an email, it’s a new messaging system and for the first time had hitted the virtual world!

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, of Facebook, thinks that it’s not an email killer as email still holds its relevance in the virtual world,

This is just a new beginning in the communication era where there online social groups on the go blends with latest communication devices and techniques …


… How to start a free email ID???

To claim your Facebook email ID … read here,

MO-Call: Mobile VoIP Application

MO-Call: a VoIP Application for Cell phones

MO-Call is a popular mobile VoIP application which enables users to make VoIP calling over Wi-Fi or 3G cellular networks (for supported handsets), cell phone users can also trigger callbacks and send cheap SMS from the MO-Call application,

MO-Call is supported on over 2,100 mobile handsets including Google's Android, RIM-BlackBerry, Apple-iPhone, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

MO-Call provides cheap international rates, providing savings of up to 90% on international calls when compared to mobile telecom operators,

For more information:

Learn more about MO-Call

Contact MO-Call:

Morodo Limited
Level 6
68 Lombard Street
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0) 207 096 4880
Fax: +44 (0) 207 096 4881

E-Card iPhone / iPad App: Mobile E-Greeting on the Go

E-Cards or E-greetings is the most modern way to send your wishes to near and dear one, and if you have Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad tablet PC device than you can air many times E-greetings on the go they are cool and give the best thing in the word : A SMILE!

Try Cartolina, fcards, Vintage Birthday cards, Life cards - Post Cards, etc apps from Apple iTunes store and upload them on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to transmit electronic greetings!

Enjoy Holidays with ecards / e-greetings on the go, go mobile, have fun!

Free Text Messaging: Connect Smart Mobiles WorldWide is kicking free text messaging worldwide in-between smart phones and supports cross-platform free international texting over Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Android (Droid) based mobile devices and phones,

Kik blends the trio into one, viz.: Apple iGadgets, RIM BlackBerry and Android : )

You are doing free international mobile VOIP calls and now want free abroad Texting from cell phones ...

The mobile app is free to download on your smart mobiles like iPhone, Blackberry, Android or so and international texting too is absolutely free, send free SMS (short messaging service) from iPhone to Blackberry or Android or vice versa, not limited only to iPhone to iPhone or Blackberry to Blackberry or Android to Android, its a free overseas messaging app, which is real time and supports cross-platform mobile devices : )

Free text messages are sent in the real time to the real world, and even you can watch when your message was being received : )

iPhone HD-Mobile VOIP Global Calling via 3G Signals

Mobile VoIP App that connects High Definition VoIP Calls over 3G,

So you want to make an international or global call over your Apple iPhone that's too with a high quality HD-voice pitch? Than certainly you are at the right place,

Here is an app for you available in the Apple iTunes store to make crystal clear, high-definition voice mobile calls over iPhone, on the go, by CallGlobal!

With CallGlobal HD voice calling forget WIFI connectivity or hotspots, they are high definition calls provider using the landlines, and you can use them anywhere your phone has service! Use their Direct Call / World Call feature to make HD calls,

… the HD calls will bypass your cell phone carrier than will connect your iPhone calls over their Call Global Network, so you can start talking on a HD call which will have crystal clear quality and would be inexpensive too : )

HD Voice, VOIP, Skype, Silk Codec, Wideband Audio, Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio or Azalia): What are they?

High-definition audio (wide-band audio which uses codec like G.722 and G.722.2) crystal clear voice phone / mobile phone calling or 3G OR VOIP calling with HD voice is in much demand now and is the NEXT and immediate future of the voice and video telephony!

HD Voice is the next generation's voice telecommunication or conversation and is much better than to the present standard digital telephony "toll quality",

The HD voice (High definition voice) reduces the background noises thus hisses & crackles many times heard during a normal mobile call conferencing,

The technology popular and known as Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) is being adopted now as the international standards for 3G mobile cellular networks, you know that HD voice technology works on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to capture & transmit the clear and higher sound quality,

AMR-WB simply squeezes the voice data and is known as a speech codec software to squeeze / compresses the voice signals to max the amount of bandwidth available on the network,

HD Voice conferencing use the latest codec to significantly double the sampling rate of caller's voice and thus transforms it into a rich crystal clear sound, which was SIMPLY absent in the normal phone calls,

In UK, the Orange mobile is very first mobile network to roll out this HD Voice call technology which offers a greater pitch of clearer voice calls,

Now many nations are fast adopting the HD voice / mobile technology like Moscow (Russia by mobile operator Megafon), Moldova, Germany, Armenia, Belgium, France, Spain, Malta (Sky Telecom), India (TATA-DOCOMO), Egypt (Orange and Mobinil), and Orange will pump HD voice in Switzerland by 2011, Luxembourg, Tunisia, and Morocco too are in the list of Orange to hit by High-definition voice calling,


Intel’s High Definition Audio (also called HD Audio or Azalia)

Whats is HD Voice, hear the voice quality difference here,

HD Voice communication over VOIP:

HD Voice is growing fast worldwide as a transition from TDM to IP communications, the VoIP providers are now supporting HD voice, the telephony or the communications over the VoIP too can exploit the wideband audio codec, such as in the PC-to-PC calling, over VoIP services, VOIP leader Skype, uses Silk codec,

A few of the Finnish Nokia cell phone handset over S60 and Series 40 OS which supports VoIP calling supports wideband audio or HD voice calling too,

The manufacturers of audio conferencing equipment have audio wideband ready telecom equipment models which largely supports G.722 over VoIP,


As early in February 1st, 2007, the Iristel introduced its HD VoIP service in Canada, the voice improved largely to CD quality over VOIP,

Skype leverages HD voice calls over its VOIP and did you ever noticed Skype to Skype VOIP calls are why so crystal clear and good than any mobile network or over PSTN calls?

This is because that VOIP provider Skype uses a translation algorithm a “codec”: ISAC, which captures 16 KHz of the voice frequency, unlike 8 KHz (which normal publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) calls & many of the VoIP call providers do, and just by capturing & transmitting this wider range of the voice frequencies, VOIP-Skype voice quality is crystal clear, live and much humanistic - realistic,


Dell Android Mobile: XCD28 & XCD35, VOIP Free Calls How to?

Dell the PC / Laptop / Net Book manufacturer, recently had launched its two smart touch screen, candy bar - WIFI (WLAN) / 3G, micro-USB phones XCD28 and XCD35 exclusively into the Indian market which runs on Android based Google's OS,

As Dell XCD series mobile phones have Android OS and also are 3G / WIFI ready thus you can load a VOIP software on it to make unlimited worldwide free to cheap calls,

Fring VOIP mobile phone solution for Android based applications gives you the ability to make unlimited free WIFI / 3G calls over other smart phones which have FRING loaded on them : )

You can make cheap VOIP call with Fring over Dell Android cell phone to other non - Fringers around the world using Fring's service called Fring Out,

Fring VOIP works on 3G and WIFI both networks so load Fring on your latest Dell XCD smart mobile phone, share your VOIP experience with us Telephoon's global readers : )

HTC WildFire Android and VOIP - Skype

Skype the VOIP has announced an update for their Android app to reduce bugs and enhance its performance,

Now Skype’s VOIP app for HTC Wildfire Android mobile is available and you can make Skype to Skype free worldwide calls or cheap international broadband calls to non Skypers over your HTC Wildfire Android handset!

Obama Morphed Into Indian Leadership!

A very cool, fun video is trending and streaming on the web right now, it relates recent India visit of US President Barack Obama, and morphs / transforms Obama into India leaders seamlessly, very cool : )

Hope tech and BlackBerry savvy US President Barack Obama will watch and love this trending YouTube video ...

May be of interest:

Verizon Apple iPad Ad on YouTube Trending

Verizon Wireless first commercial for its Apple iPad is a cool hit now on YouTube video channel and is trending,

Video displays that Apple iPad is being used along with a wireless Verizon WIFI device (MIFI virtual private hotspot creator or router),

… it blows away all the chains, walls and roof, this is the power of Verizon wireless when it combines with power of an Apple!

… this all simply tries to ensure about Verizon’s nationwide reliability and that they rule the air …

The Apple-Verizon iPad WIFI could be bundled Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile virtual private Hotspot?

Anyways watch this Verizon Wireless US and Apple iPad's tablet commercial, it is really cool : ) Have fun …

3D iPhone-iPod Touch: AR, Movies, Gaming all in 3D

3D iPhone-iPod Touch: AR, Movies, Gaming all in 3D

Popular toy giant and MNC the Hasbro Inc. is offering an ‘adult toy’: My3D stereoscopic viewer / goggles (resembles with a View Master) which transforms your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch into a 3D enabled device on the go for USD 30, its expected to hit the US stores by early 2011,

You can play 3 dimensional movies, games, virtual travel, augmented reality (AR) and such 3D apps on your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch using Hasbro's My3D viewer!

QIK 2-Way Mobile Video Call: Mobile to Web-Social-Video-Networks on the Go!

QIK 2-Way Mobile Video Call: Mobile to Web-Social-Video-Networks on the Go!

QIK is one of the most modern & innovative concept in mobile to web video posting, instant live streaming mobile video sharing, mobile-online video social networking (FaceBook, Twitter, Live video blogging, live video location etc) and mobile 2 WAY LIVE video calling on the go ... you can also send video emails on the go to yours about yourself ... and much more,

Qik works mobile to mobile and also mobile to web for posting or sharing quick live instant stream of videos : )

QIK cell phone video calling works over WiFi, 3G, 4G, WiMax wireless networks, its easy, its cool, its fun, its social networking on the move : )

Currently QIK video calling on the go works over all kind of Android cell phones and devices, also works on 150+ mobile handsets, like:

• RIM Blackberry
• Acer
• Amoi
• Apple
• BlackBerry
• DoCoMo
• Dopod
• Google
• Huawei
• iMate
• Lenovo
• LG
• Motorola
• Nokia
• O2
• Palm
• Qtek
• Samsung
• Samsung Omnia Lite
• Sharp
• SoftBank
• Sony Ericsson
• Swisscom

QIK mobile video calling and sharing software also works great with 4G wireless cellular data network technology on the latest T-Mobile myTouch 4G smart mobile phone as it comes with Qik Integration, also on Sprint HTC EVO 4G, Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G ...

Free WIFI-on-board-inflight-US: Google Chrome Holiday Promo

Enjoy your Holidays 2010 with Google Chrome free giveaway offer, they are giving away free holiday WI-FI at 30,000 feet above the ground, on-board, in-flight on AIR TRAN, DELTA and VIRGIN AMERICA airliners,

AIR TRAN and Google Chrome free WIFI infight holidays offer,

DELTA and Google Chrome free WIFI infight holidays offer,

VIRGIN AMERICA and Google Chrome free WIFI infight holidays offer ...

Today's cutting edge technology is making life much easier and communication is vital now a days, you are never alone and should never feel Home Alone / home sickness, even at 30,000 feet above the grounds in the mid air you can use wireless broadband internet / WIFI to surf the net or to get hooked for your any chores : )

There would be GOGO in flight free WIFI on each and every domestic flight in USA, you can use it to surf the net, make free SKYPE VOIP calls or even can make free WIFI video calls on FaceTime with Apple iPhone 4 (ios 4), iPod 4 touch or Apple Mac : )

The free in-flight GOGO WIFI would be made available to all travelling in the USA / America from November 20, 2010 through January 2, 2011, on the above flights (any or all)…

Last but not least, do not forget to try the Google Chrome web browser, it is really superb and extremely fast and much better than its competitors : ) Enjoy ...


Internet Week UK (Europe): Free WIFI Skype Access

Skype the most popular VOIP free Skype to Skype calling provider in the world (Audio and Video) is giving away its instant SKYPE ACCESS WIFI hotspots for free in UK from 0001 GMT 8th November 2010 to 2359 GMT 12th November 2010, during the Internet week Europe 2010,

Use free Skype access in UK (Europe) to surf the net, download music, games, make FaceTime video calls over iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G or iPad, Skype to Skype unlimited worldwide free calling, or use internet at Skype enabled WIFI hot spots at airports or hotels for free during the above mentioned festival season in UK ...

Skype Access is a Skype service which provides for low cost / cheap WIFI all over the world (in association with the local telecom operators) using various hotspots, no hassles to use you credit card each time to use the WIFI, Your Skype balance or credit is a good option to use Skype Access pay per minute anywhere in the world, a trusted brand - Skype!

Free 3G (Life): Tata-Docomo-India

Tata Docomo (from TTSL) become the first private (non-governmental) telecom operator in India to roll out its 3G life / 3.5G cellular services in India and is giving away 100% free 3G services till midnight of 11th Nov. 2010 (IST) to test drive the speed of its super fast, sky rocket 3G (3.5 G) data network and will disclose the rates and plans after Nov 12, 2010,

Details of Tata Docomo 3G Life FREE trial ;

or dial toll free phone number 1800-266-0000 from your Tata DOCOMO SIM to know more about Tata-DoCoMo 3G ....

... So the India finally is all set to get rid of the old 2G mobile technology : )

DOCOMO (NTT) is Japanese wing of Tata India and is pioneer to launch the very first 3G commercial network in the world for the first time in Japan : )

Tata Docomo has rolled out its 3G presence in 9 telecom circles and later Bharati Airtel, Vodafone-Hutch, Idea, Aircel etc too are coming in the lucrative 3G fray!

3G would change the life, its speed, usage and you would be a digital geek, no doubt, its more than wireless broadband on the go, you can do things like:

-Real Time live streaming video call conference,

-Tele-Medicine / live tele-conferencing,


-Free WIFI TO WIFI unlimited VOIP calls and video calls like from Skype, Fring etc,

-HD games,

-Streaming & downloading Videos,

-Sharing Photos & Videos,

-Instant email & attachment downloads,

-Rocket speed mobile social networking,

-Faxing etc,

-Tele Health

-Disaster Relief,

Live Weather forecasting,


Upload videos to YouTube etc,

HD Video / audio local or international call conferencing ...

Enjoy the (100 MB free data; free to use in this trial run, after 100 MB your 2G data rates will apply, including packs ) free 3G data services from Tata Docomo on thier 2G (which is already 3G ready) SIM 100% free till midnight of 11th Nov. 2010 (IST) ...

By the way I am right now using Tata Docomo 3G service for blogging and very impressed by its super speed, thank God I am able to get rid of BSNL (speed is good but signal is always absent) now : )

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