Yahoo IM-11-Tele-Presence: Free Video Calls to Android, iPhone, PC from Mobile

Yahoo: Tele Presence / Face-to-Face or Eye-to-Eye video call contact

The Reuters report that Yahoo Inc. is soon going to have its own mobile phone video calling like Apple’s FaceTime,

Yahoo is all set (Yahoo Messenger 11) to enter and preparing / finalizing its tele-presence free video calls app / software (over WIFI / 3G / 4G networks to other Yahoo users around the world) for its popular Yahoo Messenger (mobile) instant messaging service, to make us enable to make a video chat to Apple iPhones and Google Android based mobile and devices,

You know, WIFI to WIFI calls routes over internet hence are free to make anywhere, and Yahoo will use this technology too to leverage the free calls to its global users like Apple’s FaceTime is free (WIFI to WIFI),

According to the Reuters news, the T-Mobile has already announced about its latest 4G myTouch smart videophone (designed by HTC - Android powered, HSPA) that it would hit the shelves with a pre-built / embedded Yahoo video call IM app to place mobile video calling over Yahoo IM,

This could be interesting to see Yahoo too in highly demanding and most lucrative Video calling market like Skype and Apple’s Facetime or mobile software giants Fring, QIK's, TruPhone etc,

Yahoo is a big brand and internet portal having millions of registered worldwide users, its IM is very popular and if mobile video call hits over it, it could be an instant hit,

Yahoo free mobile video call app is coming for Apple iPhone and Android mobiles, it will permit these smart mobile phone users to make video calls to other such smart mobiles users and also to make the video calls from mobile to Yahoo Messenger users on their PC,

Yahoo video calling app for Android, iPhone mobile and mobile to PC video calls, will work on WIFI and 3G, 4G unlike Apple’s Facetime, which currently works only over WIFI,

Skype the VOIP King has limited video calling capability over mobile phones (unlike its pc to pc unlimited free video calls), and only few mobile phone allows this like ASUS Skype videophone, Nokia N900 Tablet (Linux - Maemo), so the market is vast, virgin and much lucrative for the revenues too,

But let Yahoo video mobile call / tele-presence come first, is it good to count the chickens before they hatch?

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