Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0

Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0
Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0
Yahoo messenger 2.0 a free social networking app (17.2 MB) for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS 3.0 or later) is now ready for a download in Apple iTunes Store, which support the mobile (iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad) video calling, (coming for Android too),

This new Yahoo IM 2.0 is cool and meant to make one-to-one, live streaming, real time free video / voice calls or SMS on go, over 3G or WIFI, you can make unlimited free WIFI to WIFI calls (Yahoo IM to Yahoo IM) or can make low cost calls to landlines or mobile phones of your contacts using Yahoo voice phone out account (Yahoo voice phone out is available only in: USA, GERMANY, FRANCE, Spain, Singapore),

Also this video chat IM from Yahoo works to make audio video calls in-between Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & a PC or a MAC computers (or vice versa) too if there is latest version of Yahoo IM desktop is installed on it,

This app works in background (this is one of the iOS 4 feature)  like many other VOIP clients like Skype etc. for iOS and can be used while doing multitasks on Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android etc,


Facetime video calling is the Apple's native client to make local, overseas, free, unlimited, one tap, video calls over WIFI in-between iPhone 4s and iPod Touch 4G's, and Yahoo video call app is only a third party app which do not come pre-installed on Apple gadgets, but it works over 3G too unlike FaceTime!

Yahoo IM video calling free app for Android is also coming, stay tuned ...

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