VOIP for Windows Phone7: Cheap Abroad Calls

The first VOIP app / client for Windows phone 7 is VOXOFON,

Voxofon for Windows Smart Phone 7 by Microsoft is now available at Windows Phone Marketplace (very first to announce the VOIP for Windows 7 smart phone), and using this app, one can make cheap or low cost worldwide VOIP calling with his Windows 7 phone, also you can make VOIP call to Skype, Google Talk or SIP on the go,

Telephony is getting very cheap and more convenient with each passing day and overseas calling is not a thing which could dilute your hard earned funds when we make calls using VOIP communication networks : )

Voxofon over Windows phone 7 provides for low cost international voice calls and texting,

Voxofon is one of the pioneers in giving away its easy to use mobile apps for its VoIP service, like on the Apple iPhone™, Android™, BlackBerry®, Palm® Pre™, Pixi™ smart mobile phones etc, and now it is ready for the Microsoft’s Windows 7 smart phone …

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