Skype VOIP for Google Android Mobile: 3G / WIFI

Skype the international VOIP service’s download is now released and ready (27 MB needed on handset) and all set for the Google Android 2.1 and 2.2 (Froyo) operating system mobile handsets and devices to make Skype to Skype free unlimited calls over 3G or WIFI and cheap Skype calls to the world using Skype to Non-Skype,

You can download Skype from Android Market to your cell phone,

Android users were wafting from a long for Skype – Android version which is now ready and available for a download, its works over a 3G cellular networks (EDGE, EV-DO, UMTS, HSDPA), and also via WIFI hotspots,

Remember Skype VOIP is free and unlimited calls could be placed over WIFI, but over 3G connection it may use your minutes / data plan and eat significant money, so better opt for an unlimited data plan, before you are ready to go,

Currently Skype may run only on Samsung Android mobiles, and not on all (may be) of the brands but Skype is doing home work to make it compatible with other brands who supports Android mobile OS, also currently this app is NOT available in Japan and China,

... Skype for Android will work ONLY on WIFI in / from USA, and from / in other countries it will work on both 3G and WIFI networks, no reason is stated for this, but perhaps Verizon - Skype relationship may be the good possible cause?

Current Verizon users:

You can opt for Android mobile phone from Verizon Wireless, Just need a supported Verizon Wireless Android phone > download Skype mobile™ for free via > or go directly > Android Market > search for “Skype mobile” >


When you have the Skype mobile™ for Verizon; you can made Skype-to-Skype calls / IMs / sms also over 3G which will NOT be counted against your cellular minutes…


Official Google Blog: Android Froyo, with some sprinkles

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