Skype-KDDI-Au (Japan): VOIP Free Calls

Skype, the VOIP world leader had announced their strategic alliance with KDDI Corporation of Japan, after its successful partnership with VERIZON wireless in USA, and operator 3 in UK,

This simply means that KDDI of Japan (Nippon) will soon start rolling out of the Skype's IP telephony software across its KDDI services; KDDI would start Skype integration to its mobile network first-au,

au customers would be able to take the advantage of unlimited free worldwide Skype to Skype (audio / video) calls, group chats, global conference calls from their au mobiles, the calls will be entirely free as it would route via VOIP or internet hence it would not cost them a dime and will NOT be counted against their monthly minutes allowance,

Also the KDDI customers would have the choice now to make the cheap or low cost international Skype calling right from their mobiles on go, they also could do IM on cheap Skype rates or subscription ... this all works like Skype's unique mobile outgoing service on-go, known as SKYPEOUT!

This beautiful KDDI - Skype VOIP integration would benefit lots of Japanese people, who always love to be mobile and generally clad with cool smart mobile handsets,

The Skype app for the au mobiles, would be 'ALWAYS ON' (and run in the background like many other VOIPs) thus au customers would be able to watch their Skype contacts list that they are online or offline, and could connect to receive the Skype calls when their Skype contacts come online : )

From November 2010 onwards, Skype, the VOIP would be start rolling out on KDDI's Android™ smart phone au 1SO1 / ISO3 than later it would come to many au Android devices too and also on BREW devices as the year 2011 will be coming,

For the Japan people on KDDI au network, you can pre-register on au ISO3 ... Japan is now all set to see the revolutionizing Skype - KDDI communication alliance which would benefit them a lot,


The internet data charges will apply to you only while initiating or receiving a Skype call but it would come to an end when the voice call establishes,

About KDDI:

KDDI Corporation of Japan (Nippon) is the second largest cell phone / fixed line telecom communication operator and the provider for the Internet communications software,

KDDI also assists in realizing FMBC (Fixed Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence), for their business clients: Japan's KDDI provides for the services in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), from FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) networks to the data centres, KDDI works for the application, security strategies for its customers,

About Skype (VOIP):

Skype the VOIP giant was established by Estonians in the year 2003, and had just filed $100 million IPO on August 9, 2010, and you know that a group of investors bought the VOIP Skype from e-Bay Inc (November 2009) for $1.9 billion in cash + $125 million note,

Skype VOIP is world’s most popular brand for its unlimited local / overseas free audio / video crystal clear call conference sessions (anytime, any day, from anywhere to anywhere), which works on a P2P basis,


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