Skype from FaceBook (to Friends): Internet Telephony

Skype from FaceBook
Skype from FaceBook (to Friends)
FaceBook and Skype are pretty close to announce a deal to get their millions of respective users connected directly (SMS or text messaging, voice, video call or video, voice chat, Facebook Connect etc) within from Facebook to make them enable to call free Skype VOIP global calls in-between the FaceBook friends,

Skype has a record 124+ million worldwide guys using its VOIP at-least once per month, also Skype boasts at least 560 million registered worldwide users, and the FaceBook which has 500+ million global users are going to be the part of the Skype - FaceBok communication family,

Facebook, Twitter etc are one of the largest and popular online social media platforms of this virtual e connect age and people connects to these online social media or rather live there like the honey-bees : ) all the time,

Skype caters the free to cheap VOIP calls to whole of the world, its unlimited FREE VIDEO calls which are free Skype to Skype (peer-to peer) anywhere in the world are no doubt very clear in voice and picture quality, magical and rather an addiction, with an easy way to make the free worldwide, anytime and always-on calling,

FaceBook and Skype both are real-time virtual social communication platforms, and this integration will help to all the guys who seek a seamless and an uninterrupted telecom - communications with their entire social friends or business community : )

There are the rumours (news broken by techcrunch) that FaceBook soon will launch its own internet telephony / or a cell phone: FacePhone or may be FaceBook Phone, but FaceBook denies right now, time will tell, does it mean that FaceBook guys are interested in blending voice communication with their highly popular social network the FACEBOOK?

FaceBook friends - Skype calling partnership is expected to launch soon via Skype 5.0 which right now is in beta and provides free conference audio video calls up to 10 worldwide guys : )

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