Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls

Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls
Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls
Skype the VOIP giant is now integrated to the online social network: FaceBook, the Facebook News Feed and Phonebook have been integrated into Skype the VOIP King,

… so you can make audio, video calls, IM, SMS or unlimited free Skype to Skype calling anywhere in the world (if your FaceBook friend is also a Skype contact), to your FaceBook friends, also this trial beta version permits you to make dynamic free group video calls to your friends, this group video call con from Skype is dynamic as, this makes it easy to follow or to know, who is talking, just by shifting your focus, to the person, who is speaking on the conference call,

This Skype's new version 5.0 also is introducing a few new features like:

Automatic Call Recovery:

This will help anybody to reconnect the interrupted calls, like due to the faulty Internet connection etc,

Call Quality Manager:

This would be checking for the audio and video quality while the call is in the progress, so may be you can resolve any problems and can improve your Skype calling experience,

Skype 5.0 for Windows has a new version ready to be downloaded, make free video call conference and live always on with your Face Book friends

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