Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App: A Security Threat?

Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App
Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App
Google's Android Market and Apple iTunes Store holds a $2.99 app (developed by British company: Pinkfroot limited) which is now RED - flagged by the US security agencies as it could pose a potential threat to the human and international aviation / flights security!

The Plane Finder ‘virtually real time tracking’ (it lags behind only 30 seconds) app behaves like a mini radar on the big-small screens of any individual's Android mobile / Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and any body can use it to track any flight details, including its height in the sky, flight number, aircraft registration, its speed, altitude and how far away it is etc, etc,

This flight finder in the sky, aviation / navigational app works on Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcasts (ADS-B) which is an air traffic control technology which is transmitted by generally all of the passenger aircrafts to a rather new satellite tracking system, which in many nations, either supplements or, replaces radar system, its a mini virtual radar system in a layman's hand : )

This virtual radar app works on the principal of AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) or Google Goggles, so just load this app on Android mobile / iPhone, point its camera towards an airplane in the sky and it will bring amazingly precise & pin-point details all of the flight details on your iPhone / Android screen including, its height, altitude, flight number, speed, airlines name, departure point etc,

The question is why any individual need to know all the flight details, to ploy with human security is not a fun! Aviation details should be rather secret for the security reasons, It could be fatal, if the use of this flight finder app comes into the ‘wrong hand’s, so Android and Apple perhaps should need a review of its Android Market / Apple iTunes store apps, that they may not harm or seriously compromise the human security …

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