Nokia N8: Mobile VOIP Live Streaming Video Calls, Free

Nokia N8 (12 Mega Pixel Camera): Place live streaming mobile Video calls (chat) VOIP - Fring for Free is Israel based mobile phone VOIP calls provider, and provider for social networking on smart cell phones,

Fring provides free overseas or local mobile video calls over mobile to mobile over WIFI when both end mobiles are loaded with free FRING mobile VOIP software,

Fring also provides for cheap international calls which can be made to a Fring to Non Fring phones (landline or mobile), over WIFI or 3G cellular data network,

Fring provides for 2 way video calls for Apple iPhone 4 on 3G / WIFI both networks, unlike Apple’s own FaceTime free WIFI-only video calls, also Fring provides video calls from iPhone 4 (Ios 4) to any smart video phone, though Apple’s native Facetime video calling app over iPhone 4 works in-between only 2 iPhone 4 or in-between iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G!

Nokia N8 is one of the latest and a cool (watch Pamela Anderson ad) smart mobile handset with 12 mega pixel camera, and Fring cell phone IP video calling is available for this latest entrant to the gadgets world, even Nokia N8 has yet to get launched in many countries like UK etc : )


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Nice review. Now a day, voip phone service compatible mobiles are very popular with the customers. There are experts who say that in future, only those mobiles will be able to survive which are mobile phone compatible.

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