FaceTime: How To Do When You Don’t Have a Contact? (Free Mobile Video Call Con.)

Apple’s Facetime free local, long distance or abroad WIFI (wireless) mobile video calling is Apple's native programme which works over WIFI on its iPhone 4 (ios 4), iPod Touch fourth generation with dual camera and also on Mac book, its also coming over iPad soon,

One can make absolutely free unlimited worldwide video calls conferencing in-between iPhone4, iPod Touch 4G and Mac, later iPad too will be there in this iGang : )

But if you do not have any other person to receive a video call over these above igadgets than what to do? No FaceTime video calls ooops!!! But you still want to make a free video call with your yummy iPhone 4, Mac™ with the FaceTime™ App or 4th Generation iPod™ Touch, than what to do and how to initiate?

Well, there is a solution to make a video call for free with strangers or anonymous people, you may use ftfun.com and may download this ftfun app directly from Apple iTune store officially, its free, this Facetime video call app works over and is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod touch and requires iOS 4.1 or later,

After a free no obligation registration with this official video calling third party app in Apple iTunes Store (its not an app by Apple Inc. but is available for free in Apple iTunes store) you would be able to see who are online globally and making face time internet video calling and what is their gender / sex, choose a pal amongst them and get engaged in facetime video calling,

I just tried it from my iPod Touch 4th gen to an anonymous guy in USA on his iPhone 4 and yeah it worked seamlessly and wonder across boundaries, I am in India, hey it works live, real-time and is very cool face to face video streaming over WIFI, thanks to the amazing video calling technology from Apple, The FaceTime!

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