FaceTime: Free WIFI Group Video Call Conferencing?

FaceTime: Group Video Call Con-Free (WIFI)?

FaceTime is the native video calling one tap app from Apple Inc. which comes pre-embedded (pre-installed) on its Apple iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G,

FaceTime is really cool to make free and unlimited, seamless, streaming, live, real-time, one-to-one video calls over WI-FI , but could we make a group video-voice chat with 2 or 3 or more persons simultaneously (like Skype-FaceBook video call conference with up to 10 persons around the world)?

Yes, it seems quiet possible, may be Apple would have this video call conference over Face-Time in the future, already in their mind thus one could try a little tweaking (BUT DO AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE, we could not confirm the results) ...

There is a Face time preference file in the settings, which is located at:


This has a value as:


If these settings value could be changed to


instead of


, (it’s a herculean & challenging task though), than MAY BE, one can use a multi-party / group video call conference over FaceTime with other Apple FaceTime users in the world?! (We are not sure though, and we do not recommend this, one may even loose Apple's warranty, so do at your own risk?!),

But what we think, that the screen of iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G is too tiny to manage a group (multi-user) video call con. (national or overseas / free), thus this group video call conference would be hold good only on new iPad when it comes with FACETIME function with dual camera : )

Apple FaceTime: some cool facts:

FaceTime free unlimited WIFI video calls over iPhone4; iPod Touch 4th generation could be made internationally (from anywhere to anywhere),


FaceTime video calls are coming soon for Apple iPad too, perhaps on a 7 inches newest iPad tablet, which will surface soon …

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