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Free Calling within / from USA to World (it’s a talk-on-the-phone channel / like a cable channel accessed by phone: now is in beta a non-VOIP call provider) is giving away the free phone (from and to landline or cell) calls (advertisement supported) from USA to 50+ countries in the world and also the free long distance calling within the USA,

It’s purely a phone to phone non VOIP calling and unlike pc to pc one,

This free calling service is ads supported and the ad only would be hear by you and not by your call recipient at the other end of the telephone : )

Nothing to buy, no pc, no internet, no credit card numbers, no registration etc needed, just dial the phone number from your cell or landline, and get connected from US based cell phones and landline phones to the world or whole of the USA, via a local access number provided by them,

You can call free landline phones in 50+ nations and also the mobile phones in these countries: United States of America, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand,

Do not forget you still have to pay for the local call minutes (using their local access number) to your telecom operator, for what you are using the free long distance or international calling part!

Each free call length is maximum of 5 minutes only, that make sense for a free ad supported voice call, time length is not too short, what I think : )

This could be a great free option for USA students studying in campus / schools, or US based international students, to make free home calling to dad, mom, family or friends : )

Yeah, your caller ID will be displayed too, don’t try to spoof, ha ha, Happy now?!

… There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL), but there is certainly something like the free phone calls from USA : )

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Benefits of VoIP: Cheaper Calls. Who would not jump at the opportunity of reducing their local and especially long distance calls? Different VoIP service providers would offer different packages.

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