3G Mobile Calls at Mount Everest by NCell / TeliaSonera

Now enjoy 3G GSM cellular mobile HIGH SPEED data network at Mount Everest too, thanks to the Nepalese operator Ncell for installing the very first 3G base station at Mount Everest!

Now the Visitors / trekkers there and people of Khumbu valley and local or international trekkers could place 3G cellular video calls, Skype VOIP free calls to other Skypers, use MIFI dedicated virtual private networks to create private WIFI hotspots and make FACETIME free video calls, TV on mobile and may connect to the high speed internet network on the move, could save money on the hefty satellite phone bills, and last but not least the trekkers and climbers would also get benefited to get weather & safety advisories on the move, call a Doctor on the move FROM THE MOUNTAINS : )

NCell successfully tested world's highest 3G data call at 17,388 feet,

FYI: Nepal's Ncell is a joint venture in-between some private investors + Swedish telco TeliaSonera,


India's telecom operator Tata Docomo is bringing 3G to India and it would be very first private operator in India to launch its 3G Life after State owned BSNL and MTNL…

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