IP Video Call - Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone: How to Make Free Calls?

Samsung Epic is one of the latest smart mobile phone from team Samsung, its 4G ready CDMA Galaxy S with Android 2.1 OS, 4 inch capacitive super AMOLED display touch screen cell phone, QWERTY, WI-FI, 5 MP camera, it has all the functions to make you an online social geek, with faster texting facility enabled with SWYPE!

{Swype is the latest typing technology to write / send fast text messages from touch screen mobile phones, virtual screens, touch key boards, TV, video game consoles, kiosks etc},

You know you can use FRING mobile VOIP software on your latest Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone and can make unlimited video calls on the go, they are free from Fring to Fring, anywhere to anywhere in the world on WIFI to WIFI mode or you can also make video calls on 3G / 4G but it would use your data network hence would cost you as per your telecom operator,

… also you may make a low cost audio or video calls on Fring to Non-Fring worldwide,

Fring is Israel based company which deals in tele-communication, VOIP solutions and is good to use on your smart phones for making online social networking like Twitter,

Fring mobile VOIP app supports many mobile phone platforms viz. Apple iPhone, iPhone 4 ( ios 4), Android, Symbian, Windows ...

Watch YouTube Video: How to make a VOIP call with Fring on 4G ready Samsung Epic 4G mobile?


3G Mobile Calls at Mount Everest by NCell / TeliaSonera

Now enjoy 3G GSM cellular mobile HIGH SPEED data network at Mount Everest too, thanks to the Nepalese operator Ncell for installing the very first 3G base station at Mount Everest!

Now the Visitors / trekkers there and people of Khumbu valley and local or international trekkers could place 3G cellular video calls, Skype VOIP free calls to other Skypers, use MIFI dedicated virtual private networks to create private WIFI hotspots and make FACETIME free video calls, TV on mobile and may connect to the high speed internet network on the move, could save money on the hefty satellite phone bills, and last but not least the trekkers and climbers would also get benefited to get weather & safety advisories on the move, call a Doctor on the move FROM THE MOUNTAINS : )

NCell successfully tested world's highest 3G data call at 17,388 feet,

FYI: Nepal's Ncell is a joint venture in-between some private investors + Swedish telco TeliaSonera,


India's telecom operator Tata Docomo is bringing 3G to India and it would be very first private operator in India to launch its 3G Life after State owned BSNL and MTNL…

FaceTime: How To Do When You Don’t Have a Contact? (Free Mobile Video Call Con.)

Apple’s Facetime free local, long distance or abroad WIFI (wireless) mobile video calling is Apple's native programme which works over WIFI on its iPhone 4 (ios 4), iPod Touch fourth generation with dual camera and also on Mac book, its also coming over iPad soon,

One can make absolutely free unlimited worldwide video calls conferencing in-between iPhone4, iPod Touch 4G and Mac, later iPad too will be there in this iGang : )

But if you do not have any other person to receive a video call over these above igadgets than what to do? No FaceTime video calls ooops!!! But you still want to make a free video call with your yummy iPhone 4, Mac™ with the FaceTime™ App or 4th Generation iPod™ Touch, than what to do and how to initiate?

Well, there is a solution to make a video call for free with strangers or anonymous people, you may use ftfun.com and may download this ftfun app directly from Apple iTune store officially, its free, this Facetime video call app works over and is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod touch and requires iOS 4.1 or later,

After a free no obligation registration with this official video calling third party app in Apple iTunes Store (its not an app by Apple Inc. but is available for free in Apple iTunes store) you would be able to see who are online globally and making face time internet video calling and what is their gender / sex, choose a pal amongst them and get engaged in facetime video calling,

I just tried it from my iPod Touch 4th gen to an anonymous guy in USA on his iPhone 4 and yeah it worked seamlessly and wonder across boundaries, I am in India, hey it works live, real-time and is very cool face to face video streaming over WIFI, thanks to the amazing video calling technology from Apple, The FaceTime!

VOIP for Windows Phone7: Cheap Abroad Calls

The first VOIP app / client for Windows phone 7 is VOXOFON,

Voxofon for Windows Smart Phone 7 by Microsoft is now available at Windows Phone Marketplace (very first to announce the VOIP for Windows 7 smart phone), and using this app, one can make cheap or low cost worldwide VOIP calling with his Windows 7 phone, also you can make VOIP call to Skype, Google Talk or SIP on the go,

Telephony is getting very cheap and more convenient with each passing day and overseas calling is not a thing which could dilute your hard earned funds when we make calls using VOIP communication networks : )

Voxofon over Windows phone 7 provides for low cost international voice calls and texting,

Voxofon is one of the pioneers in giving away its easy to use mobile apps for its VoIP service, like on the Apple iPhone™, Android™, BlackBerry®, Palm® Pre™, Pixi™ smart mobile phones etc, and now it is ready for the Microsoft’s Windows 7 smart phone …

FaceTime Video Call: Mac-iPhone 4-iPod Touch 4G (in-between)

FaceTime Video Call: Mac-iPhone 4-iPod Touch 4G (in-between)
FaceTime Video Call: Mac-iPhone 4-iPod Touch 4G (in-between)
Apple has introduced its popular WIFI, free and unlimited, local / overseas, real time, live, face-to-face, streaming, VIDEO calling: FACETIME for MAC (Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard or later) too,

... And stop press! The Facetime video call conferencing over iPad too is just on its way ...

Steve Jobs / Apple introduced an iLife suite would be known as iLife '11, at a glittering-gala event, Cupertino, USA with a Mac version of its popular video phony known as FaceTime!

Face Time is the one (single)-click native video calling app from Apple Inc. which comes pre-embedded / in-built in the iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and iPod Touch 4th generation with dual cameras,

Now with introduction of face time to Mac too, the apple gadgets users anywhere in the world can make a free video call (picture-in-picture) over WIFI in between two iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G or Mac or in-between any of the combination of these three communication devices : )

... and turning on or off FaceTime video stream on your Mac is always optional, no compulsion to receive a video call if you do not need it : )


Right now Apple's Facetime and iChat video conferencing features do exist as a separate applications ....

Skype-KDDI-Au (Japan): VOIP Free Calls

Skype, the VOIP world leader had announced their strategic alliance with KDDI Corporation of Japan, after its successful partnership with VERIZON wireless in USA, and operator 3 in UK,

This simply means that KDDI of Japan (Nippon) will soon start rolling out of the Skype's IP telephony software across its KDDI services; KDDI would start Skype integration to its mobile network first-au,

au customers would be able to take the advantage of unlimited free worldwide Skype to Skype (audio / video) calls, group chats, global conference calls from their au mobiles, the calls will be entirely free as it would route via VOIP or internet hence it would not cost them a dime and will NOT be counted against their monthly minutes allowance,

Also the KDDI customers would have the choice now to make the cheap or low cost international Skype calling right from their mobiles on go, they also could do IM on cheap Skype rates or subscription ... this all works like Skype's unique mobile outgoing service on-go, known as SKYPEOUT!

This beautiful KDDI - Skype VOIP integration would benefit lots of Japanese people, who always love to be mobile and generally clad with cool smart mobile handsets,

The Skype app for the au mobiles, would be 'ALWAYS ON' (and run in the background like many other VOIPs) thus au customers would be able to watch their Skype contacts list that they are online or offline, and could connect to receive the Skype calls when their Skype contacts come online : )

From November 2010 onwards, Skype, the VOIP would be start rolling out on KDDI's Android™ smart phone au 1SO1 / ISO3 than later it would come to many au Android devices too and also on BREW devices as the year 2011 will be coming,

For the Japan people on KDDI au network, you can pre-register on au ISO3 ... Japan is now all set to see the revolutionizing Skype - KDDI communication alliance which would benefit them a lot,


The internet data charges will apply to you only while initiating or receiving a Skype call but it would come to an end when the voice call establishes,

About KDDI:

KDDI Corporation of Japan (Nippon) is the second largest cell phone / fixed line telecom communication operator and the provider for the Internet communications software,

KDDI also assists in realizing FMBC (Fixed Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence), for their business clients: Japan's KDDI provides for the services in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), from FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) networks to the data centres, KDDI works for the application, security strategies for its customers,

About Skype (VOIP):

Skype the VOIP giant was established by Estonians in the year 2003, and had just filed $100 million IPO on August 9, 2010, and you know that a group of investors bought the VOIP Skype from e-Bay Inc (November 2009) for $1.9 billion in cash + $125 million note,

Skype VOIP is world’s most popular brand for its unlimited local / overseas free audio / video crystal clear call conference sessions (anytime, any day, from anywhere to anywhere), which works on a P2P basis,


FaceTime: Free WIFI Group Video Call Conferencing?

FaceTime: Group Video Call Con-Free (WIFI)?

FaceTime is the native video calling one tap app from Apple Inc. which comes pre-embedded (pre-installed) on its Apple iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G,

FaceTime is really cool to make free and unlimited, seamless, streaming, live, real-time, one-to-one video calls over WI-FI , but could we make a group video-voice chat with 2 or 3 or more persons simultaneously (like Skype-FaceBook video call conference with up to 10 persons around the world)?

Yes, it seems quiet possible, may be Apple would have this video call conference over Face-Time in the future, already in their mind thus one could try a little tweaking (BUT DO AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE, we could not confirm the results) ...

There is a Face time preference file in the settings, which is located at:


This has a value as:


If these settings value could be changed to


instead of


, (it’s a herculean & challenging task though), than MAY BE, one can use a multi-party / group video call conference over FaceTime with other Apple FaceTime users in the world?! (We are not sure though, and we do not recommend this, one may even loose Apple's warranty, so do at your own risk?!),

But what we think, that the screen of iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G is too tiny to manage a group (multi-user) video call con. (national or overseas / free), thus this group video call conference would be hold good only on new iPad when it comes with FACETIME function with dual camera : )

Apple FaceTime: some cool facts:

FaceTime free unlimited WIFI video calls over iPhone4; iPod Touch 4th generation could be made internationally (from anywhere to anywhere),


FaceTime video calls are coming soon for Apple iPad too, perhaps on a 7 inches newest iPad tablet, which will surface soon …

Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls

Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls
Skype to FaceBook: Group Video Calls
Skype the VOIP giant is now integrated to the online social network: FaceBook, the Facebook News Feed and Phonebook have been integrated into Skype the VOIP King,

… so you can make audio, video calls, IM, SMS or unlimited free Skype to Skype calling anywhere in the world (if your FaceBook friend is also a Skype contact), to your FaceBook friends, also this trial beta version permits you to make dynamic free group video calls to your friends, this group video call con from Skype is dynamic as, this makes it easy to follow or to know, who is talking, just by shifting your focus, to the person, who is speaking on the conference call,

This Skype's new version 5.0 also is introducing a few new features like:

Automatic Call Recovery:

This will help anybody to reconnect the interrupted calls, like due to the faulty Internet connection etc,

Call Quality Manager:

This would be checking for the audio and video quality while the call is in the progress, so may be you can resolve any problems and can improve your Skype calling experience,

Skype 5.0 for Windows has a new version ready to be downloaded, make free video call conference and live always on with your Face Book friends

Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0

Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0
Yahoo Free Video Call for iOS (Apple): IM 2.0
Yahoo messenger 2.0 a free social networking app (17.2 MB) for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS 3.0 or later) is now ready for a download in Apple iTunes Store, which support the mobile (iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad) video calling, (coming for Android too),

This new Yahoo IM 2.0 is cool and meant to make one-to-one, live streaming, real time free video / voice calls or SMS on go, over 3G or WIFI, you can make unlimited free WIFI to WIFI calls (Yahoo IM to Yahoo IM) or can make low cost calls to landlines or mobile phones of your contacts using Yahoo voice phone out account (Yahoo voice phone out is available only in: USA, GERMANY, FRANCE, Spain, Singapore),

Also this video chat IM from Yahoo works to make audio video calls in-between Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & a PC or a MAC computers (or vice versa) too if there is latest version of Yahoo IM desktop is installed on it,

This app works in background (this is one of the iOS 4 feature)  like many other VOIP clients like Skype etc. for iOS and can be used while doing multitasks on Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android etc,


Facetime video calling is the Apple's native client to make local, overseas, free, unlimited, one tap, video calls over WIFI in-between iPhone 4s and iPod Touch 4G's, and Yahoo video call app is only a third party app which do not come pre-installed on Apple gadgets, but it works over 3G too unlike FaceTime!

Yahoo IM video calling free app for Android is also coming, stay tuned ...

DoCoMo-Tata-3G-GSM Ushers India

Tata-Docomo world class 3G Life ...

After State owned BSNL / MTNL's third generation mobile signals (3G), Tata - Docomo would be the very first private telecom operator to launch its fast 3G - GSM data cellular services in India, which is all set to be launched this Diwali festival 2010, Nov 5th, in nine telecom circles, Viz.: Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh circles to start with,

Tata-Docomo's mobile 3G internet USB modem dongle / device, live streaming mobile TV, real time live video calling, HD gaming, mobile and PC videoconferencing, other 3G VAS services are just on their way, stay tuned ... later Tata-Docomo will introduce a complete bouquet of its 3G (Nokia-Siemens network) revolutionary services as NTT-DOCOMO has in Japan like: i-modeTM and the other location based services, mobile payment etc,


NTT-DOCOMO Japan has been credited to introduce the pre-commercial 3G network for the very first time to this world in 2001 (on the technology called: W-CDMA-GA3Y), and NTT-DOCOMO is on the way to the mobile future technologies: 4G / post-4G / 4.5G / LTE / WI-MAX etc. now ...

Bharati Airtel, Vodafone Essar, Reliance Communication have still no date to launch their 3G, after the long speculation game of 3G spectrum broadband in India,

Tata is an Indian brand who had joined Japan's NTT-DOCOMO to become TATA-DOCOMO, they already are providing 2G cell signals and is a cool reliable brand from the House of Tata's: a renowned Indian big industrial group!

Ratan Tata (of Tata group's) motto is “Moment of triumph for the Indian consumer”, and they are rightly fulfilling this : )

BlueTooth Free Calling: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple iTunes now boasts several of communications cool apps for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad,

There is a Bluetooth communication app for Apple iGadgets, which provides for free Bluetooth voice calling in-between two Apple iPhones, iPod Touch or iPads, it works within 60 feet range, it also works as a Morse code,

If you believe in Bluetooth technology than use it on your Apple iPhone etc and have fun with free voice chatting with yours : )

Yahoo IM-11-Tele-Presence: Free Video Calls to Android, iPhone, PC from Mobile

Yahoo: Tele Presence / Face-to-Face or Eye-to-Eye video call contact

The Reuters report that Yahoo Inc. is soon going to have its own mobile phone video calling like Apple’s FaceTime,

Yahoo is all set (Yahoo Messenger 11) to enter and preparing / finalizing its tele-presence free video calls app / software (over WIFI / 3G / 4G networks to other Yahoo users around the world) for its popular Yahoo Messenger (mobile) instant messaging service, to make us enable to make a video chat to Apple iPhones and Google Android based mobile and devices,

You know, WIFI to WIFI calls routes over internet hence are free to make anywhere, and Yahoo will use this technology too to leverage the free calls to its global users like Apple’s FaceTime is free (WIFI to WIFI),

According to the Reuters news, the T-Mobile has already announced about its latest 4G myTouch smart videophone (designed by HTC - Android powered, HSPA) that it would hit the shelves with a pre-built / embedded Yahoo video call IM app to place mobile video calling over Yahoo IM,

This could be interesting to see Yahoo too in highly demanding and most lucrative Video calling market like Skype and Apple’s Facetime or mobile software giants Fring, QIK's, TruPhone etc,

Yahoo is a big brand and internet portal having millions of registered worldwide users, its IM is very popular and if mobile video call hits over it, it could be an instant hit,

Yahoo free mobile video call app is coming for Apple iPhone and Android mobiles, it will permit these smart mobile phone users to make video calls to other such smart mobiles users and also to make the video calls from mobile to Yahoo Messenger users on their PC,

Yahoo video calling app for Android, iPhone mobile and mobile to PC video calls, will work on WIFI and 3G, 4G unlike Apple’s Facetime, which currently works only over WIFI,

Skype the VOIP King has limited video calling capability over mobile phones (unlike its pc to pc unlimited free video calls), and only few mobile phone allows this like ASUS Skype videophone, Nokia N900 Tablet (Linux - Maemo), so the market is vast, virgin and much lucrative for the revenues too,

But let Yahoo video mobile call / tele-presence come first, is it good to count the chickens before they hatch?

FaceTime, Froyo, MIFI, Augmented Reality, Retina Display, Re-Tweet, Tablet, Cloud, Amoled, Connected TV ...

The latest Nerdic terms for 2011 includes: FaceTime, Froyo, MIFI, Augmented Reality, Retina Display, Re-Tweet, Tablet, Cloud, Amoled (latest gen of OLED technology), Connected TV ...

These above latest new generation tech words are now being added to the shared European language, Nerdic Dictionary (lexicon), these tech words are shortlisted from numerous of entries by PixMania and a leading technology magazine T3 ...

Free SIP Phone for VOIP Carriers - Promo-Calling

2600hz.com (cloud based servers) is offering its ads supported free SIP / VOIP phones for businesses (service providers) and VOIP carriers, it would be ad supported free business calling, and they would provide the software to power your VOIP network,

The Ads would be displayed on a graphical LCD of SIP phones, in the day, this will neutralize the long distance calling in US ...

This itself is not a free VOIP calls service but its a software or an ad delivery system, which runs on 2600hz’s VOIP platform, this is for the VOIP carriers and the service providers, so they can use it to offer free VOIP call service etc …

What Is Telemedicine? HD-Video Conferencing

Telemedicine; HD Video Conferencing
Telemedicine; HD Video Conferencing
This is a guest post written by: Arron Brown, exclusively for Talkfree7 VOIP Blog, he works on behalf of a company called Lifesize as an editor/writer, Lifesize specialise in HD video conferencing equipment and have recently joined up with Logitech,

Arron Brown has been writing articles relating to the advantages of video conferencing and telepresence, and how they can affect productivity between B2B communications,

Telemedicine in HD (High Definition) Face-to-Face Video Conferencing:

Telemedicine is the capability of interactive healthcare by utilising up to date technology and telecommunications. In essence, Telemedicine allows patients to call their doctors live over video for instant care or grab video/still images. Patient data is stored and transmitted to physicians for diagnosis with treatment at a later time. Whether you live in the centre of New York or deep in the jungles of the Amazon, telemedicine is a priceless tool in providing healthcare today.

Today the majority of people are concerned about the cost of medicine. You can’t pick up a newspaper without reading about it. Large corporations have already figured out that video conferencing can significantly reduce their travel budget, while at the same time have no impact on their business by not travelling. Hospitals, doctors, and rural health clinics in particular are all beginning to take advantage of this technology. Not only does it provide a service at significant cost savings, but it can save lives with the long distance consults performed and completed by telemedicine.

You are sick and just got back from the doctor in your little town out in the middle of nowhere. She said you needed to see a specialist that is over 500 miles away. The cost is prohibitive but advances in technology will help you get there without breaking the bank. Video conferencing is a now available to everyone who owns a PC and has connection to the World Wide Web. Telemedicine allows you to visit your doctor without leaving your home. He can examine you, see you, all by using a standard webcam attached your PC. Imagine just turning on your PC and being able to utilise a video conferencing service to connect to your specialist. Not only have you saved money, but you have saved a vast amount of potential time from travelling.

Some hospitals have recognized the cost savings of video conferencing. They use this technology to consult with other doctors, hospitals or even teaching facilities. People regularly require emergency rooms day and night. Many patients often become frustrated at the speed of doctor/nurse care, with the use of telemedicine the nurse/doctor could readily examine the CAT scan and report this back to ER. This department provides the correct medical treatment which can in turn save lives.

Telemedicine can be used when in cooperation when health providers are not accessible or need to be available at the same time. The attending physician can dictate the patient's history, and send pictures, video, and radiology images, etc to the consulting specialist for diagnosis and consultation. At the Specialist convenience, she can follow up with his/her diagnosis and treatment plan. On many occasions the Specialist will want to talk to the attending Doctor and patient. Using video conferencing, this can take place saving both the doctors and the patient time and money.

Video conferencing is a powerful tool to use in providing healthcare. The advantages of using telemedicine to communicate and provide treatment over long distance save time, and money, this can in turn save lives by increasing the quality of healthcare. Even in large cities, telemedicine is practical as well. Even off-site radiology centres’ can offer the patient the x-rays, scans, etc and then transmit them across town to the hospital to be read by the Radiologist without having to have the Radiologist on site. It is an effective use of the doctor’s time. The expanded use of video conferencing will reduce the cost of healthcare in the long run ...


Nokia N8: Mobile VOIP Live Streaming Video Calls, Free

Nokia N8 (12 Mega Pixel Camera): Place live streaming mobile Video calls (chat) VOIP - Fring for Free

Fring.com is Israel based mobile phone VOIP calls provider, and provider for social networking on smart cell phones,

Fring provides free overseas or local mobile video calls over mobile to mobile over WIFI when both end mobiles are loaded with free FRING mobile VOIP software,

Fring also provides for cheap international calls which can be made to a Fring to Non Fring phones (landline or mobile), over WIFI or 3G cellular data network,

Fring provides for 2 way video calls for Apple iPhone 4 on 3G / WIFI both networks, unlike Apple’s own FaceTime free WIFI-only video calls, also Fring provides video calls from iPhone 4 (Ios 4) to any smart video phone, though Apple’s native Facetime video calling app over iPhone 4 works in-between only 2 iPhone 4 or in-between iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G!

Nokia N8 is one of the latest and a cool (watch Pamela Anderson ad) smart mobile handset with 12 mega pixel camera, and Fring cell phone IP video calling is available for this latest entrant to the gadgets world, even Nokia N8 has yet to get launched in many countries like UK etc : )


Skype VOIP for Google Android Mobile: 3G / WIFI

Skype the international VOIP service’s download is now released and ready (27 MB needed on handset) and all set for the Google Android 2.1 and 2.2 (Froyo) operating system mobile handsets and devices to make Skype to Skype free unlimited calls over 3G or WIFI and cheap Skype calls to the world using Skype to Non-Skype,

You can download Skype from Android Market to your cell phone,

Android users were wafting from a long for Skype – Android version which is now ready and available for a download, its works over a 3G cellular networks (EDGE, EV-DO, UMTS, HSDPA), and also via WIFI hotspots,

Remember Skype VOIP is free and unlimited calls could be placed over WIFI, but over 3G connection it may use your minutes / data plan and eat significant money, so better opt for an unlimited data plan, before you are ready to go,

Currently Skype may run only on Samsung Android mobiles, and not on all (may be) of the brands but Skype is doing home work to make it compatible with other brands who supports Android mobile OS, also currently this app is NOT available in Japan and China,

... Skype for Android will work ONLY on WIFI in / from USA, and from / in other countries it will work on both 3G and WIFI networks, no reason is stated for this, but perhaps Verizon - Skype relationship may be the good possible cause?

Current Verizon users:

You can opt for Android mobile phone from Verizon Wireless, Just need a supported Verizon Wireless Android phone > download Skype mobile™ for free via skype.com/m > or go directly > Android Market > search for “Skype mobile” >


When you have the Skype mobile™ for Verizon; you can made Skype-to-Skype calls / IMs / sms also over 3G which will NOT be counted against your cellular minutes…


Official Google Blog: Android Froyo, with some sprinkles

Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App: A Security Threat?

Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App
Plane Finder - ADS-B - AR - Real Time- iPhone / Android Radar App
Google's Android Market and Apple iTunes Store holds a $2.99 app (developed by British company: Pinkfroot limited) which is now RED - flagged by the US security agencies as it could pose a potential threat to the human and international aviation / flights security!

The Plane Finder ‘virtually real time tracking’ (it lags behind only 30 seconds) app behaves like a mini radar on the big-small screens of any individual's Android mobile / Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and any body can use it to track any flight details, including its height in the sky, flight number, aircraft registration, its speed, altitude and how far away it is etc, etc,

This flight finder in the sky, aviation / navigational app works on Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcasts (ADS-B) which is an air traffic control technology which is transmitted by generally all of the passenger aircrafts to a rather new satellite tracking system, which in many nations, either supplements or, replaces radar system, its a mini virtual radar system in a layman's hand : )

This virtual radar app works on the principal of AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) or Google Goggles, so just load this app on Android mobile / iPhone, point its camera towards an airplane in the sky and it will bring amazingly precise & pin-point details all of the flight details on your iPhone / Android screen including, its height, altitude, flight number, speed, airlines name, departure point etc,

The question is why any individual need to know all the flight details, to ploy with human security is not a fun! Aviation details should be rather secret for the security reasons, It could be fatal, if the use of this flight finder app comes into the ‘wrong hand’s, so Android and Apple perhaps should need a review of its Android Market / Apple iTunes store apps, that they may not harm or seriously compromise the human security …

Useful Links:

Android to iPhone 4 Video-Call on 3G / 4G / WiFi: UAE, KSA, Qatar, Egypt, Middle East Use this Solution

Android to iPhone 4 Video-Call on 3G / 4G / WiFi
Android to iPhone 4 Video-Call on 3G / 4G / WiFi
Android (Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, and Google Nexus One etc) and Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Video-Call via 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi: Good for UAE, Middle East, Qatar, Egypt, KSA etc.

Apple recently had launched its iPhone 4 in the Gulf and middle Eastern countries of UAE, Qatar, and also in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia etc, but reports reveals that this has come with NON-FaceTime video calling over iPhone 4, or may be local carriers in UAE etc like DU / Etisalat might have blocked the Apple's free WIFI free video calls: FaceTime,

Reports also reveals that when somebody tries to upgrade his brand new Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4.02) in such nations by latest version of iOS 4.2, he may lost the FaceTime video calling functionality, otherwise it runs ok, also the iPhone brought into the UAE from USA etc still are perfect to make free WIFI video FACETIME calls anywhere, local or overseas,

Anyways, there is a solution for the guys who have lost the iPhone 4 Facetime video calls either of any reasons, or for the guys who lack a WIFI hotspot but still need video calling over 3G or 4G cellular networks, Apple iTunes Store has a few apps which supports mobile video calls over 3G and WIFI both, may be not so good, one tap and simple like the native app from Apple i.e. Facetime,

TANGO (Palo Alto, California, USA based) video calls is a free third party app for Android cell phones and also for iPhone 4, its available in Android Market and in Apple iTunes store, which runs over WIFI and 3G, 4G all and could be downloaded for free to your latest iPhone 4, or Android mobile, than you can use it to make video chatting / calling,

The another great feature of Tango video calling app is that it works in-between two iPhones and also iPhone to any other mobile (Android based) which has the video calling functionality, though Apple FaceTime works only in-between two iPhone 4 or in-between an iPhone 4 and iTouch 4g,

But Facetime WIFI to WIFI is always free, even globally, as a thumb rule: WIFI to WIFI calls are free as they are transmitted using the internet data, but the Tango video calls over 3G / 4G may consume your cellular minutes so would not be free, but still you can use them when WIFI is not there with you,

You can now make Tango mobile video calls between iPhones and Android phones,

There is yet another such 2 way video calling app over iPhone 4 from Fring which also works over 3G, 4G or WIFI (and iPhone 4 to any video calling mobile), Fring is a known name in mobile VOIP calling solutions and is a company based in Israel …

Call Free from USA: Overseas - Long Distance: No-VOIP

Free Calling within / from USA to World

Freephone2phone.com (it’s a talk-on-the-phone channel / like a cable channel accessed by phone: now is in beta a non-VOIP call provider) is giving away the free phone (from and to landline or cell) calls (advertisement supported) from USA to 50+ countries in the world and also the free long distance calling within the USA,

It’s purely a phone to phone non VOIP calling and unlike pc to pc one,

This free calling service is ads supported and the ad only would be hear by you and not by your call recipient at the other end of the telephone : )

Nothing to buy, no pc, no internet, no credit card numbers, no registration etc needed, just dial the phone number from your cell or landline, and get connected from US based cell phones and landline phones to the world or whole of the USA, via a local access number provided by them,

You can call free landline phones in 50+ nations and also the mobile phones in these countries: United States of America, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand,

Do not forget you still have to pay for the local call minutes (using their local access number) to your telecom operator, for what you are using the free long distance or international calling part!

Each free call length is maximum of 5 minutes only, that make sense for a free ad supported voice call, time length is not too short, what I think : )

This could be a great free option for USA students studying in campus / schools, or US based international students, to make free home calling to dad, mom, family or friends : )

Yeah, your caller ID will be displayed too, don’t try to spoof, ha ha, Happy now?!

… There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL), but there is certainly something like the free phone calls from USA : )

Skype from FaceBook (to Friends): Internet Telephony

Skype from FaceBook
Skype from FaceBook (to Friends)
FaceBook and Skype are pretty close to announce a deal to get their millions of respective users connected directly (SMS or text messaging, voice, video call or video, voice chat, Facebook Connect etc) within from Facebook to make them enable to call free Skype VOIP global calls in-between the FaceBook friends,

Skype has a record 124+ million worldwide guys using its VOIP at-least once per month, also Skype boasts at least 560 million registered worldwide users, and the FaceBook which has 500+ million global users are going to be the part of the Skype - FaceBok communication family,

Facebook, Twitter etc are one of the largest and popular online social media platforms of this virtual e connect age and people connects to these online social media or rather live there like the honey-bees : ) all the time,

Skype caters the free to cheap VOIP calls to whole of the world, its unlimited FREE VIDEO calls which are free Skype to Skype (peer-to peer) anywhere in the world are no doubt very clear in voice and picture quality, magical and rather an addiction, with an easy way to make the free worldwide, anytime and always-on calling,

FaceBook and Skype both are real-time virtual social communication platforms, and this integration will help to all the guys who seek a seamless and an uninterrupted telecom - communications with their entire social friends or business community : )

There are the rumours (news broken by techcrunch) that FaceBook soon will launch its own internet telephony / or a cell phone: FacePhone or may be FaceBook Phone, but FaceBook denies right now, time will tell, does it mean that FaceBook guys are interested in blending voice communication with their highly popular social network the FACEBOOK?

FaceBook friends - Skype calling partnership is expected to launch soon via Skype 5.0 which right now is in beta and provides free conference audio video calls up to 10 worldwide guys : )

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Skype VoIP - Free Landline Calls: Happy 7th Birth Day!

Skype the unchallenged citadel and King of VOIP is now 7 years old and celebrating its Birthday, we wish Skype VOIP a very happy 7th birthday, long live!!!

Skype is still sweet 7 and is the KING of VOIP communications, its giving away free worldwide calls for one month, up to 400 minutes (first month free than / month), to landline phones in 34 popular Skype countries, and if you choose to call India or USA, than these calls are free to cell phone in USA / India too as the part of this free VOIP deal,

The free phone calling promo starts from September 30, 2010 to October 7th, 2010, only 20,000 free subscriptions are available,


Skype free subscriptions will be free only for the first month, after this, the subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel it yourself,

List of the countries that are included in free call promo:

Czech Republic
South Africa
New Zealand

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