Yahoo Messenger 11 - Mobile Video Call - WIFI & 3G

Yahoo Messenger 11 for Mobile and Web (VOIP) Video Calling over WIFI and 3G cellular networks

Mobile Video Chat is always luring for the young ones as well as for old genies : )

Yahoo messenger for free video calling
Yahoo Messenger 11 's unlimited free local, long distance or international video calls using Skype to Skype is the eighth wonder of the world,

Similarly provides for smart mobile video calling using WIFI or a 3G network,

Apple Inc. introduced unlimited FREE WIFI video calls FACETIME anywhere in the world between two iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 or in-between an iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4, when the Apple’s iPad will have dual camera with front facing camera and with FaceTime capability you may also call in-between an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and the Facetime capable iPad (which is expected to hit the US before the Christmas of 2010),

The latest entrant into the VOIP, WIF, 3G video calling scene is now YAHOO!, they will soon bring their Yahoo Messenger 11 and will introduce the mobile phone video calling on the go : ) like Fring / Apple,

Yahoo’s cell phone video calling will work over a WIFI or 3G network, thus WIFI to WIFI Yahoo video calls all over the world will be free as they will use internet data and thus makes the call free!

PC mag reports that Yahoo is working on its ambitious video calling project to introduce the mobile video call conferencing / video voice chat to Android devices / Apple iPhone, just like FaceTime Free video WIFI calls by Apple,

Yahoo Messenger 11 for Mobile service will run over either 3G or Wi-Fi, Yahoo Inc. already has demonstrated its video call capability / technology Yahoo over the Android phone - EVO 3G to a Webcam equipped laptop,

… But to be more clear, we the users would be allowed to make the cell to cell phone video and voice calls over WIFI or 3G,

As soon as Yahoo's Messenger 11 download will roll out, its video calling technology will come along over it, this is what the world could expect of Yahoo guys!

Yahoo MESSENGER 11 will also provide for the VOIP video web calls like Skype, Gmail, AOL etc, over the PC,

Yahoo Inc. also has the plans to roll out the PSTN calling, to provide cheap phone calls to its users to call landline or mobile phones,

Yahoo Messenger 11 users could publish the status messages to social networks like FaceBook, Yahoo Pulse, Twitter simultaneously and could play popular social gaming Zynga and may chat Facebook friends using desktop version of the newest Yahoo Messenger 11, when it hits the virtual world!

A wait for YAHOO messenger 11 could be worth as it will bring some fun and smile on your lips...


By the way do you know that Yahoo means:

"Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle."

How Skype got its: ‘'SKYPE'’ ?

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