Volkswagen Audio Ad in Print Newspaper, How It is Possible?

Labnol had run a story that depicts the emergence of an innovation in technology blended or we can rather say it is a fusion & perfect harmony with the advancements in the advertising world,

Volkswagen had run / embedded its audio / talking ad for its entry level Sedan Vento car, in an Indian newspaper The Times of India (TOI, print edition, not online one), looks crazy how it could be possible?

It was Indian Rs 5 Crore ad campaign which run in two newspapers across several metros in India, twenty two lakh (2.2 million) chips were used to run this TALKING NEWSPAPER, one time campaign in India, which was unique of its kind anywhere in the world, report says that it was world's first Talking Newspaper campaign for Volkswagen Sedan Vento!

Oh, no its not the VOIP or voice over internet protocol, we are talking of an audio advert in purely offline print media,

Yep! it’s very possible … Tuesday morning was cool for TOI readers when they were sipping their morning cup of tea with the crispy news paper … they got amazed to listen the audio advertisement at the last page for Volkswagen in Times of India, print edition!

But an Indian airport's employees were little scared when some unclaimed newspaper copies started to 'talk' about Volkswagen, they were having no idea what is going on : )

Perhaps this is the very first time in India at least when people actually listened an advert rather than watching it in a PAPER print media : )

It was a bit annoying too for someone whose morning peace got 'disturbed' a bit by the unwanted voice, they never were expecting : )

... Technological convergence had started evolving now in our daily lives too…

Thanks Amit @labnol and Suhel Banerjee for breaking this lovely story which is going viral now : )

Mind At Work: Volkswagen Ad - Talks For Itself

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