VOIP & FaceTime for iPod Touch 4 (Apple)

Apple’s latest wonder gizmo the iPod Touch 4TH GENERATION is out in the town and now hitting the shelves, the crazy buyers and Apple’s fans around the world are flocking towards the Apple Stores in US and buying it via online stores, Amazon, or 20North (in India)

The product, iPod Touch 4 seems to be a wonderful gadget, it has some latest innovations like dual camera (including front facing camera) to make free WIFI video calls with other iPod 4 and iPhone 4 at single tap of the button, nothing to download or buy, its FACETIME the wonder video calling technology from Apple Inc. which is an open source tech …

iPod Touch 4 also introduces for the very first time, the Game Center, as Steve Jobs has the dreams to make Apple iPod Touch 4 the best wireless mobile gaming console in the world, better than Nintendo DS, GameBoy or Sony PSP etc,

iPod Touch 4 too can do multitasking like its predecessors iPad, iPhone 4 etc, it has the ability to make the VOIP (WIFI) calls which could run in background while doing other multi-tasks,

We know iPod Touch 4 is not a mobile phone, thus it will lack a SIM card than how would it work as a phone for making calls?

Well, for making FACETIME calling between iOS 4 and iOs 4.1 gadgets, iPod Touch 4th generation will use of your Apple ID / email ID (just like you are used to make a Skype to Skype calls using your email ID or Skype ID), just tap your contacts email ID from your list who also have the iPod Touch 4 or iPhone 4 and connect over WIFI to make unlimited worldwide free crystal clear voice and video calls,

FaceTime is the native in-built app from Apple which comes pre-installed in every iPhone 4 (IOS 4) and iPod Touch 4 (Ios 4.1),

You can also make cheap worldwide VOIP calls using iPod Touch 4 (use it as a phone) like iPhone 4…

Andy Abramson explains how to make VOIP calling over the latest and newest Apple iPod Touch 4 using many apps available in iTunes store which are free to paid ones,

To make the VOIP calls on new iPod Touch fourth generation, the first thing is that you will need a WIFI network as iPod Touch 4 is still not a cell phone thus lacks a SIM or 3G cellular network connectivity, so you may use a MIFI or the wireless broadband routers to create a personal secured virtual hotspot and can connect many devices over your virtual private WIFI intelligent network, you can use Novatel MIFi, Verizon’s, T-Mobile etc!

Andy Abramson (VOIP Watch) updates that the iPod Touch 4 speaker works good with Skype, Truphone and Bria VOIP apps thus latest Apple iPod Touch 4 is as good as a cell phone / iPhone 4 without any long-term contract (contract free) with AT&T etc for making VOIP calls : )


WIFI to WIFI calls are always free from any phone or gadget, from anywhere to anywhere in this world, as this is the data calling over internet, thus use your newest iPod Touch 4th generation to make WIFI to WIFI free VOIP calls, just make sure that your WIFI data plan is an unlimited one so you may not loose your funds on the excess of WIFI data plan.

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