From UAE, FaceTime or Not? You Choose, Not Apple, DU or Etisalat!

UAE: Newly launched Apple iPhone 4 in Middle East and Gulf countries started hitting the malls and stores in UAE,

DU and Etisalat are the official Apple iPhone 4 carrier partners in the Gulf nation of UAE, but the problem is that, iPhone 4 when you buy this from the official channel lacks FACE TIME wireless (WIFI) video call functionality,

But luckily if you got this Apple mobile from the unofficial routes like grey market or from foreign country than that version holds the FACETIME capability,

Apple seems not in a mood to provide FACETIME to MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations,

So you better can decide that if you need Free unlimited, FaceTime video calls (local or international on WIFI) than which Apple iPhone 4 you should go for: an official iPhone 4 from DU / Etisalat or an un-official 'imported' iPhone 4?!


Apple, your FaceTime one tap video calls really are great, thank you : )

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