UAE: FaceTime! Oh, Come-on! Why You Need it?

Finally Apple’s iPhone 4 landed in Gulf, Middle Eastern nations: UAE, QATAR, EGYPT, JORDN, YEMEN and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia etc. but wait was fruitless of the people in this region and a BIG joke who did waited for it for couple of months as iPhone 4 lands in the land without the FACETIME video call functionality, so why to buy this expensive Apple mobile phone now? What holds well if Apple iPhone 4 has no mood to make wireless one tap, face to face video calls via FACETIME?!

Carriers who brought officially Apple iPhone 4 in UAE: DU and Etisalat says that they are unknown why Apple do this for Gulf region and Apple is silent : ( consumer is being fooled? who is paying full money for a product which do not promises its full value to him?!

The iPhone 4 which has brought from other countries or gray market has the Face time free unlimited video calls and is working fine in UAE etc,

Than why the official iPhone 4 is paralyzed of the FACETIME? No reasons, no answers, just wild guesses like: strict VOIP regulations in the mid east region, Islamic regulations to use mobile video camera, or may be a glitch in Apple hardware / software here, etc, (though Facetime still working here on iPhone 4 which are brought in-UAE from other Nations),

… it seems, the Apple Inc. ‘officially’ do not want any hassles of its most coveted product iPhone 4 as a live streaming videophone, thus it by-passed FACETIME in UAE, KSA, Vodafone QATAR, Gulf region?!

UAE, KSA, EGYPT, China, India etc are among the nations where many foreign internet and mobile giants like Google, VOIP Skype, RIM-BlackBery encryption-servers issue, PayPal etc feels uncomfortable to work with local governments etc, as we know, the governments here try to regulate such giants in the name of security issues, on their own tunes : (that’s why perhaps Apple do not want to indulge its iPhone 4 in any controversy in these hassled regions)?!

There are reports that when you try to upgrade your iPhone 4 (ios 4) in UAE etc with localised version of iOS 4.1 THAN YOU MAY LOST FACETIME, so be careful while doing this,

TIP… do not agree (Etisalat) terms, if you always need Facetime with Etisalat > do not make any click / agree on the in-coming massages > “new settings from currier” > just CANCEL > if you clicked on ‘OK’ button, the FACETIME option will blow away!.

One more tip, least but not the last, if anything may not work, you may try your hands on the latest Apple iPod Touch 4th generation (it already has iOS 4.1 so no need to upgrade) comes with dual camera, it too holds FACETIME free video wireless calling, and I hope it will work : )

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