Students - Free Long Distance Calls in US & to Canada: Connect from School / Campus / Dorm / Library

Google Voice (GV), is a free phone calling service from Google, right now only available in USA, GV has put together the cool ways for the students community to get connected while they are in School / Campus / dorms / library etc to place free voice calls in USA and / to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska,

To the rest of the world, the students can call friends in another countries or the international students community can make cheap international calls to their home, using Google Voice or GAMIL VOIP calling,

With Google Voice students can set up a Free Google Voice (set it on your cell phone, Android {use voice actions for Android 2.2 Froyo}, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian S-60, Apple iPhone, other cells, make the calls on go), lifetime number (only available in USA right now) which rings all the phones at once (like dorm phone / cell phone/ Gmail VOIP etc), this is a life time phone actual number and will stay with you forever even you change your mobile phone operator or forgot to pay your telephone bills : )

Google voice provides for voicemail transcription facility which can be used via an email during your classes, but the studies are first so be attentive to it, rather than texting, email, chat or call while the class is on : )

Google's GMail VoIP now permits anybody or students to make free calls (pc to any phone: cell or landline in the US and / to Canada using their laptop, internet notebooks, direct from your Gmail account, so no need to carry a cell phone, if you wish or if / when you forget your cell at some place or its battery is no more : )

Try! Students always seek and should be eligible for the best freebies available in the world, Cheers!

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