Smart WIFI: Saves BlackBerry & Android Battery Drain

Y5 is 'smart' enough to understand when to turn on the WIFI on your Android device and when to turn it off,

Bluetooth, GPS (global positioning system) and WIFI are the things who can eat or drain out the battery power of your mobile devices, if they remained open for the time being or in ignorance, it is always good to turn off the WIFI / GPS on your BlackBerry or Android mobile devices when you are not using them,

But it could always be a forgetful action sometimes to turn off / disable, the WIFI on your RIM BlackBerry or Android devices,

For Android Devices:

Y5 for Android battery power saver is a cool FREE app to save the battery of any Android device, Y5 has a smart WIFI sensing to locate your location via GSM wireless towers using cellular signals, Y5 automatically turn on the WIFI near your trusted hotspots, and Y5 again automatically switches off the WIFI function when you are not near any WIFI hotspot, or it is a non trusted hotspot,

What you need to do is, just turn on the WIFI for the very first time when you are near a WIFI trusted hotspot, or while installing the Y5 app on your Android mobile, if your WIFI is in open mode than Y5 will add your current on-network to its accepted networks list, its a SMART WIFI hotspot tracker which saves the battery drain, when you do not need a WIFI working,

For RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Mobiles:

Such a similar SMART WIFI toggles the WIFI hotspots and this BlackBerry battery power saver app also comes for all RIM's (Research in Motion) wireless supported handheld mobile sets but it is not free and comes for USD 4.99


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