Skype Free VOIP Group Video Call Conference with up to 10 People

Skype's 10-way FREE Video Call Conversation!

Skype, the VOIP to the world, is now offering its video call conferencing with / up to 10 guys around the globe for FREE! Just download Skype 5.0 Beta 2 for Windows (Mac Skype VOIP call conference will come too so Mac users, you please wait) and start making a simultaneous broadband group video call conferencing up-to 10 guys (including yourself) from any country of the world to any country of the world, anytime, anywhere...

Remember Skype to Skype worldwide VOIP calling is always FREE : )

Make sure that everybody in the group should have the same Skype 5.0 Beta 2 (download it from above link) for Windows to make the VoIP group video call chatting, it is FREE till next announcement as this is BETA free testing only.

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