Skype Access: Free WIFI HotSpots

Skype the global leader of VOIP is giving away for free its SKYPE ACCESS, a WIFI hotspot service from Skype which enables users to surf the internet (access internet) all around the world using little Skype credit, and without a worry to pay extra using credit cards etc.,
Skype Access will be free from 0001 GMT - Saturday 25 September 2010 to 2359 GMT - Sunday September 26,
When it is Skype, there is perhaps NO reasons to celebrate the weekends with freebies?! ... and we are puzzled fruitlessly to find out the reasons behind this free promo : )
Use unlimited free and access the net via free Skype Access, make unlimited free Skype-to-Skype voice / video VOIP calls at more than 2,00,000 WiFi hotspots all around the world: cafés, hotels, airport lounges etc ...

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