Samsung Galaxy Tab - Fring IP Video Call

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Fring VOIP Video Call

Israel's is a popular social mobile networking platform and the provider for Fring to Fring unlimited free mobile video call app, has developed its Fring IP calling solution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab,

Download Fring app on the seven (7) inches Samsung Galaxy Tab and go with a 3G or a WIFI network, start making unlimited free video calling to any Fringer (who have the FRING on his mobile or PDA) in the world, 

Fring calling can be done with Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, Android devices, Windows, Symbian, Nokia smart handsets etc, and you know Fring Video calling is available for iPhone and iPhone 4 too, even you can make 3G calling over iPhone 4 (iOS 4) unlike Apple's own FACETIME WIFI WIFI ONLY calling, Fring supports both 3G and WIFI networks,

About Samsung Galaxy Tab
Make video call on Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab
This is the latest in the series of Tablets by Samsung, this comes with Android Samsung UI, Android 2.2 (Froyo), front facing camera, it is seven inches, 380g., GPS, WIFI, 3G, Full HD video, flash player, video conferencing, web browsing, SWYPE (text input system for screens, the newest glide the finger, way to type on screens, developed by Mr. Kushler), people now compare Samsung Galaxy Tab with Apple's iPad...


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