Royal Mail Intelligent Stamp: Mobile Image Recognition like Augmented Reality

Royal Mail Intelligent Stamp: Mobile Image Recognition like Augmented Reality
Technological world is getting crazy, its evolving continuously each and every second, now British Royal Mail has brought out a postal stamp (themed: Great British Railways) which is intelligent and smart, this is up for sale, said to be the very first of its kind in the world,

What we meant by intelligent & smart Royal Mail postal stamp? Well, this smart tech royal mail stamp, when activated / viewed with a smart mobile phone / Android device / Apple iPhone etc, it takes you to a whole new virtual world, i.e. to a related web page which is created by the Royal Mail,

The Intelligent stamp technology is absolutely free for users and will again be available on a few more coming selected special postal stamps,

To use the tech behind the intelligent stamp, you need to go to the apps store via your smart mobile, search for JUNAIO app, it works for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 {iOS or iOS 4} (go to apple iTunes store) and Android OS (go to android market), its free > after downloading JUNAIO on your smart mobile, go to Royal Mail channel on the app and than select Great British Railways logo, it will be activated > open the camera > place the camera over the stamp - like shooting a snap > see the wonder how the stamp smartfuly recognizes the Royal Mail exclusive web content on the go, for free, its amazing : )

Who says postal stamps charm or philately had lost its charm in this tech era of texting, push mail, emails, IM, Tweets and chatting?!

Postal stamps too are changing with the times and getting smarter and more 'intelligent' with the evolution of latest technologies, after all they are living in the very world, where there is always a struggle and survival for the fittest : )


British Royal Mail's postal stamp do not bear the country name on them (its the only nation in the world which issues its postal stamps without the country name but with an image of British Queen), and Her Majesty the British Queen is the authority who approves all the British stamps designs before they are actually printed,

Royal Mail
Tel: 0207 927 9999

You can buy intelligent smart postal stamps now directly from UK Post Offices / or online: Royal Mail Tallents House (tel. 08457 641 641), 21 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9PB.

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