Radar (Track-Find Flight) AR App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch in Real Time using ADS-B

Here is an Augmented Reality (AR) app using which on your Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can track / find a flight passing through in a location, in nearly real time (lags behind 30 seconds), it works like a Radar screen maps on your Apple iGadgets screen : )

This ADS-B flight finder app for Google Android / Apple iPhone is now marked as a potential security threat by US security agencies,

In short, the Augmented Reality or AR is the latest innovative technology in mobiles, when you point your mobile phone camera towards any location, object etc, this displays related web pages / it comes visible in 3D,

What you have to do is, just point your Apple gadget's camera towards a plane and voila, you will have the info relating the flight number, aircraft registration, speed & altitude etc of the airplane also how far away (distance) it is flying etc,

The plane finder technology works is based on a service: 'Plane Finder', this tracks air planes or flights using ADS-B - they are the signals, transmitted by a commercial plane, with their data etc, (ADS-B technology still is not used by many US airliners),

Use of this Augmented Reality (AR) app on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch could be fun and give you all the desired information at the same time in REAL TIME.


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