Photo Morph - Blending on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

There are a few nice apps in Apple iTunes Store which could help you in photos, pictures, images like you can blend, morph or intermix two photos into one and single photo having properties of both of the photos,
It works a bit like as a child fetches the genes or properties of both of his Father and Mother : ) and is the 'produce' or the mixture his Mom and Dad, both : ) this is called as Morphing (to get understand in layman language)
Play with photos, pictures, images on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch by using apps which do morphing, they are:
Blend / morph any number of faces in one, creativity goes wild with this 0.99 $ app, change your face into your opposite sex, change hairstyles, colors etc, or morph yourself into a cat or lion, lots of cool fun is here ...
This USD 1.99 app, automatically blends the faces, means blends / intermixes two photographs into one and only one, ... morph yourself a bit with smile of Monalisa or Einstein, morph / mix yours snap with yours grand-ma and watch how it looks than : ) , mix yourself with your spouse photo and watch your 'future kids’ photo : )
A whole new world of colorful creativity and imagination will revolve around your head, which could turn you into a joker : )

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This is a very new to me. Thanks for sharing

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