No FaceTime on Apple iPhone 4, in Saudi Arab, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE?

Apple is all set to launch its most coveted iPhone 4 (iOS 4) into middle east countries (S. Arab, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE), its most prized gadget as it holds the one tap video calling Apple’s native embedded functionality FACETIME which promises unlimited free wifi video calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world,

People are already using iPhone 4 FACETIME video calls from UAE / Dubai / Gulf / AbuDhabi ... Apple iPhone 4 is officially still not there but guys are using them buying from grey market route (FaceTime even works from India to USA, where it has not been launched as of yet, it works from an airplane and also in deep Pacific ocean) or which they have been gifted or had brought from US or another countries,

FaceTime works fine over an unofficial Apple iPhone 4 (like with a DU micro SIM), we have some confirmed readers’ reports,

That is why there is a strong rumour that Apple will launch its Apple iPhone 4 without FACETIME videophone calling native app, as perhaps local telecom operators object for FACETIME on Apple iPhone 4 as it may cause a loss of revenue to them and perhaps in the name of security of their country : (

VOIP calling like Skype etc is banned in few of these countries, than how could Apple iPhone 4 WIFI calling would survive there is the million dollar question,

... may be Apple is going parallel in-line with religious Islamic reasons? When a religion or any Government tries to override the technological evolution and try to converge it or toe it according to their own terms, people may lost the best what they deserve and perhaps Apple Inc. do not want to fall-in, in any controversies of its prized product FACETIME video calling, in the Gulf / Middle East region?!

Anyway, wait for the great launch of Apple iPhone 4 in middle east nations and look there, if FACETIME surfaces or not, if yes, all is good, if not, there are still the authentic ways to make 2-way VIDEO CALLS over iPhone 4 (iOS 4), until it holds two cameras... stay tuned with Apple and with us : )


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