My God! You Were Not? Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Universe theory revolves around the BIG BANG, Stephen Hawking is a scientist living in our times, who is better known for his intelligence levels compared with Albert Einstein, he is known to be a living legend with highest IQ!

Hawking has several published works on Universe, Black holes and space astronomy, life, he talks about aliens, his physical deformity never comes ahead of his sharp brain and logical thinking : ) He is mind blowing,

Stephen Hawking’s famous book is: “A Brief History of TIME”, now in his latest book: The Grand Design, he reportedly claims that the universe is the creation of BIG Bang and Gods have nothing to do with the creation of the Universe?!

Wow if Stephen Hawking is saying something than there is a logic behind the statement, so would it start a whole fresh debate on the very existence of the GODS with the theologists and religious pundits?!

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