How to FaceTime VOIP Call from UAE / Dubai / KSA / EGYPT / QATAR / YEMEN / JORDAN for Free?

While going through the Khaleej Times online news, that Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) {… and Apple iPod Touch 4 with Facetime too is available everywhere via online buying from Apple Stores or Amazon} is finally, landing in the UAE (Dubai) Gulf region, officially with Etisalat (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, which is popularly known as etisalat) on September 25, 2010, so I was thinking of FACETIME (FT) free video calling over WIFI,

Would Facetime VOIP (WIFI) calls work from UAE / Dubai (Gulf) as the VOIP cheap or free calls like Skype are banned from UAE!

Though people of UAE might already have tried Facetime international free WIFI video calling from unlocked iPhone 4, but we have to see whether Facetime IP calls / internet calls over WIFI now will work or not?

Facetime is the native WIFI video calling app (which comes pre embedded) in-between 2 iPhone 4s or iPod Touch 4 or in-between both of the two gadgets (iOS 4.1), using iPod Touch 4 one can dial free video calls using contacts email ID or Apple ID (like we make Skype call without actual phone numbers from Skype to Skype),

FaceTime video calls are free from anywhere to anywhere and they are wireless or WIFI-only calls right now, which use internet bandwidth, no 3G or cellular calls are permitted over Facetime right now, but they are coming later : ) as Steve Jobs promised us : )

So if FACETIME international free WIFI call works from UAE to the overseas world, than it would be great as UAE people can not use Skype or such VOIP things, many nations bans VOIP calls due to loss of revenue to their native telecom operators,

FaceTime is capable to connect seamlessly two iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4 irrespective of country or distance unless they are forcefully blocked by any telecom operator or any country government,

This YouTube video clip describes FaceTime video call in Dubai (UAE), it works in the video, but I can not confirm the authenticity of this FaceTime call video in UAE, but it seems to be quiet genuine!

Go to Settings > Phone (Facetime) > switch it on > If waits for an activation > Restart the iPhone 4 just by holding down the home and the power button simultaneously > when the phone restarts > Facetime should work no onwards,

Now try local FaceTime and also check whether International FaceTime works from UAE?

You also can activate FaceTime free video calls the Du network, by inserting a Du microSIM into Apple iPhone 4 and than turn on the FaceTime in Settings > Phone,

Write your experience on this blog on comment section for the benefit of others, if this works, share this post with all, good luck : )

UPDATE: Sep 22, 2010:

Various sources are indicating that there will be NO FACETIME video calling functionality on the Apple iPhone 4 when it hits the Saudi Arabia, Middle East: UAE / KSA / EGYPT / QATAR / YEMEN / JORDAN (view MENA iPhone pages)

We can not confirm at this point of time, whether this is a rumor which is going viral now or the game plan in-between Apple and Mid East telecom operators to block and another VOIP / WIFI calling FaceTime like they did for Skype and many other VOIPs in that region,

May be it is a mistake by Apple Inc. which removes FACETIME pictures from mid east Apple web sites, but do Apple do any mistakes?!

... or there are Islamic reasons behind a NON Facetime iPhone 4 in mid east nations?

If FaceTime is not coming on iPhone 4, it could be a useless & expensive Apple TOY, why to buy it? than perhaps people in the Middle East will flock towards the unofficial grey market channel to buy a FaceTime studded Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4), and perhaps it will work there, FaceTime works from ANYWHERE, until it is specifically & intentionally being blocked by the local telcos, or they would always have the choice to import FaceTime: iPhone 4 or even iPod 4th Generation (which have FaceTime video call now) from other countries of the world : )

Who can stop the ongoing booming global-social economy and the worldwide telecom revolution?!

Ok, even you HAVE TO buy a NON-FACETIME Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4), still you can add free FACE-TO-FACE video calling to your iPhone 4, and can make unlimited video calls to ANY SMART MOBILE in the world over 3G or WIFI with, their VOIP calling app for smart mobiles and for iPhone 4 allows to make 2-way video calls from iPhone 4 to any phone (unlike Apple iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 - only) and via 3G or WIFI (unlike apple's WIFI-only), try if this works from VOIP blocked nations? and let us know ... good luck!


Helm said...

I am based in Saudi Arabia and have used facetime locally and it has worked.I yet to try it for overseas calls.

Hamane Shime said...

I helped my friend in UAE to use a VPN router from VPN4SIP.COM ( in his home internet connection, FaceTime works perfectly! Because the VPN connection make the facetim thinking it's in USA and get video calls going through! Very interesting.

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