Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks

Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks
Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks

Google's email client the GMAIL is now VOIP call enabled and you can make a PC to phone calls using your Gmail  account right from your laptop / desktop / PC to actual phones, landlines or cell phones,

The Gmail VOIP calls to US / Canada are free till the end of the year 2010 (sorry but to make an overseas call you have to pay a bit if the call terminates to a non-US phone number), may be the free calls to US / Canada would be extended after 2010 too, time will tell,

Well, the Google Voice Blog has some neat tips and tricks to make the Gmail to phone VOIP calling more useful and eventful experience, like you may want to learn how to:

Make Call Screening:

If you are unsure to pick a phone call, don’t hit “Answer” / “Ignore” button when a call came in Gmail, just click to the “Screen” button, than that caller will go to your voicemail there you could listen to him while they leave a message for you, to take that that call, click on “Join” any time to connect to him!

Switch the calls in-between Gmail & other phones:

Learn to how to make the rightful use of the asterisk (*) on your Gmail dial pad....

Record an incoming call session:

Learn to make the rightful use of the button '4' with your Gmail dial pad to record an incoming voice call session,

Click to dial with Chrome Extension:

Learn to deal with Google Voice extension for Google Chrome this simply permits to click on a phone number on any website / email > and it makes sure to dial the phone number...

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