Gmail to Google Voice Free Phone Call from AirPlane to US / Canada

Now Google's email platform the GMAIL has a phone calls facility and one can dial free GMAIL to phone calls in USA / Canada (its not pc to pc, like Skype, but its pc to phone for free to US, Canada phones) and to the rest of the world, and cheap international calls could always be made using Gmail email client,

But how if you would be able to make a GMAIL voice call over an airplane on-board, flying high in the blue sky?! Its amazing! Yes you can do this,

See how this happened in a Delta flight with GoGo's inflight internet access, a Call from Gmail feature, worked wonder during the flight / on the board on an airplane : ) using the Google talk plugin,

No tricks involved, its simple, just you need a seat in the airplane, a headset, your Gmail account, and GoGo internet pass etc to dial 100% free calls from and airplane to US / Canada landline phones,


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