FaceTime - RealTime - Morph - Video Effect for Masses

Facetime, morph video effects app
Facetime, morph video effects app
Morph or Make Avatar / Video Effects on Apple Facetime

FaceMan is the latest killer ‘Avatar’ app for Apple related products, which supports, Apple’s FREE WIFI video calling, known as FACETIME!

Facetime (an open ware) is the Apple’ latest wonder technology which provides for the single tap – WIFI FREE unlimited video calls in-between iPhone 4 and / or iPod Touch 4th generation,

iPhone 4 comes with Ios 4 and iPod Touch 4 comes with Ios 4.1 and both of the Apple iGadgets supports the Facetime video voice chat, its free, unlimited, anywhere to anywhere in the world on WIFI only and can be initiated in-between two iPhone 4 or two iPod Touch 4 or in-between the iPhone 4 to iPod Touch 4 or the vice versa,

FaceMan is an app which comes only for USD 1.99 in Apple iTunes store, download it on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 if you love to create or want to MORPH the video effects to play with your faces : )

With FaceMan video calling app on iPhone / iPod Touch 4’s and with their front facing camera, you can change (morph) your face into any funny Avatar, a donkey, an idiot, emboss, squeeze your face or such… this ‘morphing’ technology works and produce following type of video effects:

Emboss, LightTunnel, Bulge, Squeeze, BrokenTv, Mirror, Toon, BlackAndWhite, Swirl, X-Ray, Stretch, Heat, Sketch, Sepia, Dent, Led

Besides these all there is a built-in album which allows you to collect all of your coolest video effects, and even you can save a picture to the Photo Album app and also can share them by email …

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