Facetime Malaysia: iPhone4 (Maxis, DiGi) Video Call

Apple’s Free WIFI Mobile Video Calls:

Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4 with retina display) has grounded and had been launched in Malaysia by DiGi Telecommunications Bhd and MAXIS Bhd now, iPhone 4 is on of the most prized gadget from Apple Inc. today and others of its worldwide famous products are: iPad, iPod Touch 4th generation …

FaceTime WIFI unlimited free video calls (national or overseas) between two iPhone 4 or between two iPod Touch 4g or between an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g is one of the most wanted core and native app on Apple iPhone 4 and also now on iPod Touch 4g which comes pre-embedded by Apple,

…But Apple has made disappointed to many in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations by NOT providing the FACETIME video calls over the iPhone 4, perhaps due to very strict regulations and controls on VOIP calls in these regions like: UAE, QATAR, YEMEN, JORDAN, EGYPT, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA etc,

But people in these MENA nations still can use Face Time video calls if they have bought an Apple iPhone 4 not from their official carrier or have bring it or import it from USA etc : ) than it works, our reader in these countries mentioned this to us,

… anyways, we congratulate Malaysian people and wish they could start early and go ahead with FaceTime mobile video calls (DiGi, Maxis), anywhere from Malaysia, have fun, have a FaceTime : )

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