FaceBook Phone - FacePhone? When it would hit the Market?!

TechCrunch has an interesting piece of news ('rumour') today, they revealed the liklihood of a cell phone / (or a software for FaceBook's own mobile phone) by FACEBOOK the global social networking community is on its way : )

Reportedly the FaceBook is secretly working on its cell phone project, but they deny this : ( (Like Google denied its Nexus One when it initiated its project ... )

Is Facebook is lying? or they just want to make it still a VERY secret project and is playing merely the jugglery of the words? Why the Facebook PR has to react 'instantly' / denied / giving an explanation, on media reports rather than to choose a 'silent mode'?!

...But this 'secret' is not more a secret, it is rather a 'leak' as TechCrunch had exposed it to the viral world of internet : ) and sooner or later FaceBook Phone will hit the market, this is what we believe too ... what do you think readers??

FaceBook - FacePhone with INQ over AT&T and also for Europe ...

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