Face-Morph Ageing App for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch (iOs 4 or Later)

Age My Face free app for iOS
Age My Face free app 

No! its not the WIFI Facetime free calls from Apple, its an app For Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 (fourth generation) {iOS 4 or later iGadgets} here is an interesting fun entertainment free app in Apple iTunes store, AGE MY FACE, using Age My Face free app you can view how would you look when you would be old and an aged person,
Do not feel shy, aging is a process from the nature which is uni-directional and everybody has to go-through this process only once in his lifetime, it would be fun to watch yourself as an aged guy on Apple iPhone / iPod Touch for free,
Age My Face free Apple app contains 8 all different masks to be chosen, many skin tone and colors, you can even pre-set the opacity of the facial masks to add or subtract years of your life age!
This free ageing application for your apple gadgets can morph you into an old person from young one or the vice versa, you will ride on the Time-Machine to watch yourself in the future, its a cool fun face morphing app, do not be scary,
We are waiting to listen your experience, cheers : ) will you do?


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