Face Fun - FaceTime App for iPad - iPhone - iPod Touch

Face Fun, FaceTime App
Face Fun, FaceTime App
There is no dearth of fun when you use Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch along with hundreds of thousands of apps available in Apple iTunes store, some are paid, many are free and they create a fun world when get loaded on Apple gadgets,

FACETIME is the native WIFI free video calling app (around the world) from Apple which comes natively & pre-loaded in its latest Apple iPhone 4 and also now in Apple iPod Touch 4, one can make a lots of fun with FaceTime WIFI free videocalls in-between any iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, or in-between both (with iOS 4.1 or later as iOS 4.1 gives the facility to make a call using Apple ID or email ID, as iPod Touch is not a cell phone so Facetime free calls could be dialled with your contacts' email ID / Apple ID ) anywhere in the world using a WIFI hotspot (or a MIFI connectivity and can create a private virtual hotspot),

There are many apps available in iTunes Store to make fun with face morphing, and the Face Fun app is a real time liquid image convertor, and it turns any picture into a digital liquid, melting on the screen of iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPod Touch / iPad, it creates real fun and this app comes for USD 0.99,

... with Face Fun digital image morphing you can virtually play with any image to warp, stretch, smear, move, smudge, squeeze, wobble, shake, melt, cartoon, magnify, deform, jiggle etc or distort it in any way all fun in real time on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, you do not need to be an expert in graphics or photo shop, paint brush etc,

... Crop, zoom, move, zoom in/out image are supported, also the portrait and landscape modes are supported … have fun, stay tuned for more fun things, they are just coming …

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