Explore - 9/11 in AR: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch App

An app to explore - 9/11 in augmented reality
Explore - 9/11 in AR

Explore 9/11 - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, a free app by National September 11 Memorial Museum is now hitting the Apple iTunes Store for a download on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 3.1 and later), it is 39.4 MB and depicts the timeline, visuals etc of the 9/11, a deep sentimental and touching affair for all of us, the humanity and for Americans in-particular!

This apple app helps to learn & watch the 'history' which was happened on that dreaded date in New York, which is now known as 9/11, around the World Trade Center (WTC),

The goodness of the technology is that now you can watch the pictures in 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) mode that overlays the snap shots in the camera view, these all historic images were compiled by the National September 11 Memorial Museum by by WTC / Ground Zero survivors & witnesses through 911history.org ,

This amazing sentimental app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is optimized to operate in the offline mode too, specially for the use of a Non-US visitors, who do not have or have disabled their data roaming,


Augmented Reality is the latest wonder technology for mobiles and gadgets, which works on Picture Recognition technique, just point / shoot your camera phone towards an object, and it will display and explore the related web pages for that object or scene like you might be using the Google Goggles etc,

Watch and be a part of the historic memories and the moments of Horror and Valor in your palm

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