Cheap Internet Calls by Nokia Mobile: Starts 1c a Minute: PC, Net Not Required

Fring is a popular and trusted VOIP mobile phones client, comes from Israel, which when downloaded to a smart cell phone (Symbian, Nokia, Android, Windows, Apple iPhone etc) for free, than it gives the facility to make free unlimited overseas audio / video mobile calls over 3G or WIFI networks (FRING to FRING) ...

... or you may call ultra cheap (virtually free) overseas calls using FRINGOUT from your any SMART existing mobile and SIM card to any phone in the world (landline, mobile or even a Non Fring one) by using FRINGOUT rates, there is no need to go for a PC or internet connection, just your cell phone with FringOut package and call the world on the go, like you make cheap VOIP calls using SkypeOut or using Rebtel,

FringOut is providing from Nokia cell phones its low cost worldwide calling, which starts only 1c a minute to many countries,

FringOut later will come for the Android and Apple iPhone too, these seems to be a convenience international calling at go from mobile phones with ultra cheap worldwide rates,

This is the VOIP or internet calling over the Nokia smart mobile phones thus is cheap and do not requires a laptop, pc or an internet connectivity etc at all,

The VOIP companies are facing a stiff competition by lowering the lowest rates and by providing more and more facilities to lure the new bunch of customers,

Skype still leads the VOIP global calling and its unlimited FREE international video calling from computer to computer is really marvellous which deletes the physical distances,

Fring too is a brand name in mobile VOIP calling and mobile social networking but recently Fring and Skype have got in a tussle, unfortunately which is bad for the VOIP consumers, but this happens between BIG companies, perhaps to retain the supremacy?!

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