Apple iOS 4.1: Upgrade iPhone 4 (iOS 4) for Making FaceTime Video Calls with iPod Touch 4th Generation

Apple mobiles’ operating software iOS is being upgraded and iOS 4.1 firmware is ready for a download from iTunes, Apple website, just connect your iOS device with Apple iTunes,

With an improved iOS 4.1 you can have a better performance for your Apple iGadgets, watch TV episodes (iTunes TV), new social gaming channels (game centre), music-masti, iTunes Ping and all of the fun stuff,

Apple iOS 4.1 also enables the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography with Apple's iPhone and iPod touch,

Apple's iOS 4.1 can be downloaded for Apple's latest wonder smart mobile - The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and also with second, third, fourth generation iPod touch,


The latest iPod 4G which is just being launched by Apple Inc. (September 2010) comes with iOS 4.1 natively, and this latest iPod Touch, 4th generation which comes in 8, 32, and 64 GB also has free WIFI calling native app: FACETIME (as this is also comes in iPhone 4), the newest iPod Touch has a retina eye display, Game Centre, microphone, dual cam (front facing too, for video calling) and all the latest technology marvels,

FaceTime to FaceTime Video Calls:

If you want to make a free, WIFI, FACETIME, one-tap calling in-between an iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and iPod Touch 4th gen. (iOS 4.1) (or iPod Touch to iPhone 4) than there could be iOS in-compatibility issues, so it would be better to upgrade your iPhone 4's operating system iOS 4 with Apple's latest iOS 4.1 to make the FACETIME calls / streamline I.P. calling in-between an iPhone 4 & iPod-Touch fourth generation!


As we know that the iPod touch fourth gen. is not a cell phone, so this device do not have an actual phone number, so how it would work to make or receive a FACETIME video calling (local or international), the answer is, Face time over iPod Touch will work with your email ID / Apple ID which you will register with the device / Apple : )

The iPhone 4 owners, if you want to make a Facetime free unlimited video call session with iPod Touch 4th gen owners, than you should select your email address to start the FaceTime WIFI calls, (also there would be a need to enhance or upgrade iPhone 4 current OS (iOS 4) with the latest iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4 to make it compatible with latest iPod Touch 4 generation as this latest iPod Touch only comes with iOS 4.1,

Take care, Cheers!!!

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